April 22, 2012

inspire me monday

First off, did you think I forgot about my leather giveaway from last week?  Okay, I sort of did forget what with having a sickling hanging around the house all weekend - the grown man, I think I'm at death's door, kind of sickling.  Yes, indeed I did forget the giveaway.  So here tis...

The winners of the fine little bundles of eco-friendly leather scrap goodness are:

Pixiloo and Metalworks Jewelry
Congrats girls!  I hope it provides you with hours of inspired leathery fun.


And now for a little Monday inspiration


Ever stall out with blogging ideas?  I sure do.  Lori Anderson, a.k.a. Pretty Things a.k.a. Bead Soup Blog Party, has written this fantastic e-book called Follow the Path: Ideas and Inspiration for the Creative Blogger.  Her book, which by the way, appeals to all bloggers and is not limited to the jewelry artisan, is packed fantastic prompts and inspirational photos.  Head over to Lori's blog for more information.  The book can be purchased right from her blog!  How easy is that?

Have yourself a beautiful, inspiration week.  It's really not so difficult.
Just jump right in.


  1. congratulations to the winners - and i hope everyone is on the mend there...

  2. Thanks again, Lori! I look forward to my "scraps".
    And I hear you on men being sick.....


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