April 4, 2012

my sketchbook - creativity

But first...

I've been playing. (well we are talking creativity!) Actually exploring Wordpress for a new website host.  So, I created a Wordpress blog to test the waters.  It imports all of my posts from right here!  What, you ask, will I do with this "other" blog? 

Screen Shot 2012-04-04 at 6.28
I have no earthly idea.  But it has been fun to play. (Think I went a little crazy with the circles?)
Do you have a website?  If so, who do you use as a host?


This weeks sketchbook in progress.  








  1. I dipped my toe into wordpress then ran away. I couldn't seem to figure any of it out : P .... in other news I love these drawings! XOXO

  2. i envy you for writing so beautifull ! Really nice !!!

  3. I have 3 websites...2 are hosted with Bluehost and my new venture I inherited the hosting with Hostmonster. I have had very little problems with Bluehost. So far no problems with hostmonster. I have looked into GoDaddy...did not like it plus a friends website that is hosted with them was recently hacked. I have 2 blogs with blogger and 1 with wordpress. I have not learned all I can on the wordpress one. But I did screw it up tinkering with the look and got help on the forum fixing it.
    Michelle Mahler
    yes I am mostly exhausted!
    I LOVE your blog! If you do go worpress I would love to see how you change it up.

  4. ok...How did you get the little black dot with the date?

  5. I use Wordpress and have been very happy with it, but then again, my tech capabilities are somewhat limited and I don't ask it to do very much. Just the basics.

    One issue is that sometimes Wordpress and Blogger don't like to 'talk' to each other when trying to post comments. Not sure what that's about.

  6. I just adore your sketchbook pages, they are so inspiring

  7. I have a Weebly - a work in progress - but it is very easy to use.

  8. Lori your letter drawings (because that is what these are!!) are awe-inspiring!!!


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