May 7, 2012

12 hours, a funeral, and a motherly quote

Helloooo from Ohio!  Yes, I meandered through six states over two days, attended a funeral and finally landed here to spend a little time with the mister.  

( a pretty picture )

I thought in honor of every moms favorite holiday, Mother's day, we'd share a few priceless quotes.  And when I say priceless, I'm not talking lovely, growth, striving to become a better person quotes.  I'm talking about the quotes that you can't believe you actually said outloud quotes.  

( a pretty silly picture.  notice the doggie drool. )

When my sweetest (translation: only) daughter was learning to drive, we do I put this nicely...we experienced a few "incidents".  Apparently during this process I was overheard saying to said daughter,

"Jessie, idiots know how to drive.  If an idiot can learn to drive surely you can, too."

Okay, now it's your turn.
What's your most memorable quote to date?
(either from yourself or your own mother)


  1. Oh my goodness that made me laugh!

  2. I am still laughing!!! There is something about the whole drivers training that really brings out the poopyness in a person. I have just finished up the last of that with my son Trey and daughter Taylor was just last year. Boys for some reason think they know more about driving than their moms and poor-boy only had me and my Astro Van. "I don't care what the speed-limit is sloooooooow down or get out" that is sadly the only post able quote.

  3. ok, i almost said that one to my son the other night as i was taking him driving! once i stop laughing maybe i can share one of my pearls...
    i don't think i can remember the words i used when my son let me know there was a 10mph buffer with the police - ummm, you aren't supposed to even be considering that when you are learning, are you?

  4. Oh my there are sooo many. My daughter is learning to drive as well, and I am in deep denial. When I get in the car with my daughter I get multiple personality disorder. I go from screaming " I am always right when we are in the car" " You can't drive and yell at me at the same time, pull over" " You are going to hit the curb, you are going to hit the mailbox."
    Then I transition to " I'm so sorry its not you it's me" "This is Dad's job I can't do this." To which the teen responds " Good idea, go make some beads."

  5. I love to see your daughter photo *beautiful* and your doggy's drool. I never can stop smiling looking at the innocent dog face =D

  6. I feel so at home here... I have a quote from my daughter, when I asked why she went through a 4 way stop without stopping. She said, "The person in front of me stopped, and I already stopped when they stopped." Yup- teaching teenagers to drive is just one more reason unspeakable quotes.By the way that is my dog in your back seat. And is that a Wendy's frosty???


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