May 17, 2012

my obsession a.k.a. it doesn't take much

It really doesn't take much to make me completely, incandescently happy - at least for the moment.  Take this example.  I've written about this obsession before and how I adore it.  Sadly, I only get to see it when I come to Ohio.  But during that time?  During that time, I'm a happy little camper.  Let me tell you (again) about... 

my box.

You may be sick of hearing about this.  But I don't get sick of talking about it.
My husband doesn't understand it.  To him, it's just...a box. 

What happens when you find that perfect combination of light and darkness and softness and earthiness?  You've found your photography sweet spot.

I photograph my oranges.

...and last night's dinner.  Nothing is off limits.

Remember these?

The box.
(Clearly I need to get a life)

Have you found your photography sweet spot?


  1. I have started taking photos on top of my dryer. I slip covered my washer and dryer a couple of years ago because they are in my kitchen and I hated looking at them. The dryer is next to a window. Now I throw down a piece of burlap, pull back the curtain in the window, put up a hunk of foam core on the opposite side to throw light and it works perfectly. (Thank goodness for the fabulous photo editing software, Picmonkey. Even crappy shots turn out great!!)

  2. I have a few! An old wooden milk crate with metal separating compartments for the bottles. It's just the best surface ever.

  3. No, I haven't. I have a light tent for my etsy stuff, but it's not convenient dragging it out and setting it up for everyday things. I would love to find my photography sweet spot!

  4. smiling here remembering my husband who sometimes just don't get my happiness at taking photos of simple things...because like you I find beauty in almost everything and yes I love your sweet spot there..

  5. I understand you. Love the box..light, color texture...what more could a girl want for photos!? I have a cupboard...worn and crappy says my husband... but I adore it. It has side lighting from one large door... it does have limitations but most times I can find an area there that talks to me some time during the day!

  6. I don't think I would even know if I found it...but I am going to look for a box just like yours and see if my photos look that good! xo

  7. I do have a couple photography sweet spots in our house. I created a light box when we lived in a condo, and I still use that for most of my product photography.

  8. Unfortunately, I have NOT found the sweet spot in our house yet. I got a photo tent with lights for Christmas and have been using it lately, but I'd love to have something more convenient. Now you've got me puzzling over this. Hmmmm. Wonder if I can find mine. Is yours usable at any time of the day or is it at a specific time?

  9. Oh Lori, I'm cracking up over here! It could be worse, a wooden box is truly a small price to pay for happiness.

  10. LOl yes the floor in my craft room - which is ridiculously stupid with a young pup cruising about - if I'm on the floor she wants to play!


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