June 7, 2012

knowing when you've found your true passion

studio waterstone

At some time in our lives, we wonder exactly what our passion is and how to find it.  This post could also be titled "Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees" because 99.9% of the time, your passion is right there - staring you in the face.  You just don't see it.

Take me, for example.  I've always been somewhat of an artist.  I painted portraits...and dreaded each commission like the black plague.  Then I made jewelry.  I don't wear jewelry.  Red flag.

But when I was a little girl, my mama taught me to sew.  Add to that the fact that I'm incredibly cheap thrifty and have a burning desire to own purchase create handbags.  Bingo.

Passion - staring me right in the face.  When you find what you love and you actually walk the talk, you've found your passion.  I won't admit to how many bags I actually own.  But I will show you part of my collection and exactly how it's used. 

Signs You've Found Your True Passion

studio waterstone

waking at night, excitedly thinking about an ongoing or new project

studio waterstone

waking at night worrying about your project

studio waterstone

waking in the morning, anxious to begin

studio waterstone

worrying about it makes you sick to your stomach

studio waterstone

sketching ideas on any scrap of paper you can find

studio waterstone

annoying family members with your ideas - constantly

studio waterstone

walking the talk - practicing what you preach, because you believe it - using what you make

studio waterstone

people admire you for the fact that you're passionate about something

studio waterstone

Tell me...
signs that you've found your true passion.


  1. I have so many passions I'm having trouble focusing on just one! I love your items, and I'm glad you found your true passion.

    Lori D

  2. Yes, yes, and yes to every point you made regarding my glass and enamel components. Still struggling with the jewelry piece, I will definitely have to come to some sort of decision on that this year.
    Another factor that has played a role in fulfilling my creative passions is timing. The bottom line is I am happiest when I am making things and having a studio and making beads and jewelry components fits in my lifestyle perfectly right now. I would not have been able to do this when Natalie was younger because I played a very active role at her school.
    When Natalie was a baby I made furniture, I attended a class every Thursday night for 7 years. Being in a room full of major power tools was my break from the stay at home Mom routine, and it helped furnish my home.
    So I have made peace with the fact that I will have many passions in my life, and will choose based on what fits best into my lifestyle for that moment in time.

  3. Great points!
    I knew I had found my passion when an injury enforced a hiatus in jewelry making, and I was so bummed out for two weeks.

  4. Well, I am not 100% positive I know my true passion yet, but I think I have found it. It is something like knowing when I met my husband for the first time. That magic. Undeniable, quiet magic that tells your soul yes, this is a gift for you. I have no tangible proof yet. No shop, so show, no audience, just that feeling of magic. So maybe after 50years of marriage or so (I have so far been married for 9), I will be able to have proof that my husband is my destiny. And may it be so with my passion as well.

  5. And by the way, thanks for this post, and your work is sooooo lovely!

  6. Oh this post spoke to me so much. For so long I searched for my passion. It wasn't until I had a conversation with my Uncle about it that I started thinking about what I loved to do. The next day I bought a few beads and stringing stuff and that was it I was hooked, now I'm studying a degree in jewellery making and loving it.
    I know it's my passion when It's the first thing I think about when I wake and the last thing I think about before falling asleep, when I see inspiration in every thing, when I work tirelessly to make it perfect, when I feel that massive sense of achievement when i've finished a piece.

  7. I am amazed by your blog. Your passion for bags seems to leave you with energy to spare.I think I will file this thought and know that it is ok to focus. Love the bags by the way.

  8. yep it feels good • doesn't it!!

    ...► feeling satisfied .. down deep when you have finish a beautiful project .. and you can't wait to share!

    enjoy the day!!!

  9. oh........ and ps . I am not a blue person .. but those little aqua phone keepers are sooo cute and love that color! All your bags are Ga Ga Gor•G•ous!!!! You are inspiring!!!

  10. Anne - such a great comment. I would LOVE to see your furniture!

    Metalworks - BOY can I ever relate. :)

    Jill - How sweet. I think you are a writer as well.

    Thank you Adsila and Lori!

    Lynsey - LOVE that story!

    Thanks Teri and Lisa.

  11. Oh my goodness!! I had no idea, but you have just described me to a 'T' concerning my artwork and poetry!! I do all those things lol!! This would explain why 'rabbit trails' never work for me... I always come back to creating art... this is what is inside me and now I know for sure...this is my creative 'passion'!

  12. When I grow up I want to work with textiles and maybe sculpt clay and maybe some paper art, oh, and photography for sure.

    I can't choose.

    But there is hope for me yet. The voice that comes in my head and heart at the same time (I know it's The Lord) said to me awhile back "When you put the needle down into the fabric...your life will never be the same again." Now, I realize that I have put a needle to fabric but I think He means, doing it decisively.

    You are an artist, I tell my family that you are a "Real" artist. There are many that call themselves and other call them artists but the title is given out too causally.

    Looking forward to you making a calendar (hint).


  13. Im envious of anyone who knows what their true passion is.. I thought it was cake decorating for about 5 years and then I got burnt out on that and now I dont do it at all.
    I have many things that Im interested in but I have no idea what my true passion is.. but I believe if I keep doing what Im doing and that is learning new things all the time,, Ill eventually figure it out or wake up and see whats right in front of me. At least I hope so.

  14. So true, Lori!! Great points for all artists.

  15. Perfectly put, Lori.

    Love your personal bag collection by the way. :)

  16. Shared at http://creativityunmasked.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/six-for-saturday-or-sunday_09.html :)


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