June 4, 2012

a little of this and some of that

Hello and happy Monday!  I am itching to get started on some new, full sized bags this week.  But first, a recap...

Boy, did we ever have a busy weekend!  The weather in Atlanta was ideal.  Jeff came home on Friday - a wonderful, spur of the moment visit.  We went to a festival, spent time with our offspring, and replaced Jessie's, literally on it's last leg, car with a big surprise for her Saturday night - well, Sunday morning.     No longer will we worry about her sitting on the side of the Atlanta highway. Okay, we'll still worry - just not AS much.

Scored my third piece for this collection I'm accumulating.  I'll still be looking for more, but in my book, three makes a collection.

I know.  Huge image, right?  I wanted to show you this new design I worked on last week.
(this particular bag has been sold)

Trying to work on a few little zippered pouches and clutches for summer.
(I have one that holds my point and shoot and Jes has another which holds her keys and license)

The last of the new design, available in the shop.


On to this week.

I'm hoping to squeeze in time for art.  And thanks to all the sweet feedback and requests, I am checking into printing some of my work for sale.  More on that later.


Big plans for you this week?
Do share!


  1. Going to Bead & Button show! I was there on Sunday taking a class in enameling with Miss Barbara Lewis herself. She is amazing! I cannot believe that I was able to do it and if I can find the right place to set up an enameling station, I am going to be doing more of this! Were your ears ringing? We were talking about you and admiring your great bags (we were both using one!) Have a beautifully colorful and productive week, Miss Lori! Enjoy the day!

  2. So lucky Erin! I am so envious and, even though I'm not a jewelry maker, if one of those things ever comes to Atlanta or Cincinnati, I'm hitting to see all my peeps.

    Have fun all you Bead & Button chickies.

  3. I love the size of that little pouch. Great job with your new bags as always!

  4. I absolutely love the last bag of the new design left in the shop. Those are some beautiful colors:)

  5. love the new bag,, and sooo excited about the possibility of buying some of your prints.

  6. I sure like the bright fabric you used for the last bag. I went to your shop for a look around and I do see one thing that I can honestly say "I need". It is the Phone Key Bag Wallet. Will you be making more? I would love one with the colors of that last bag..Just curious. Every thing is so lovely. xo

  7. Yes! I can't wait to see your prints! : )


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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