June 18, 2012


studio waterstone

Ah, summertime and weekends.  I hope your weekend was wonderful.  Ours was blissfully uneventful - just spending time together, enjoying the weather and company.  I inherited a new summer read from my daughter.  Read this one yet?

studio waterstone

Repotted my herbs - love the smells of basil, rosemary, mint, and lavender.
(I have no idea what I'll do with lavender.  Any suggestions?)

studio waterstone

And I'm down to one iPad case in the shop - so that will be on the agenda this week.
Have to admit, it's the perfect combo for me - girly geekery.

This blog is WAY overdue for a proper giveaway, so that will be coming up very soon.
Think photography.  And that's all I'm sayin'.

And finally...

Mr. P didn't have any luck home shopping last week so we'll both be heading up to Cincinnati sometime this week for a look see.  Have to admit that I'm happy to go.  He's thinking house and I'm thinking loft.  I totally trust the hubs, but two heads are always better than one.
Wish us luck.  I have a feeling we'll need it. I'll take pictures. :)

Have a wonderful Monday.

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  1. I haven't personally used Lavendar in my kitchen but I've heard it used in lemonade, seasoning for roasted potatoes, and for making Lavendar sugar.
    Can't wait to hear what you come up with.


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