June 25, 2012

stories: getting your priorities straight

Early last week my sweetheart came home for an extended vacation and after many days of spending time together, he asked about our plans one morning.  I replied that I had too much work to do and couldn't have a "together" day.

You know when you say something and immediately get this feeling in the pit of your stomach that it was the wrong thing to say - that maybe your priorities aren't in the right order?  This was one of those moments.

I immediately went to said sweetheart and changed my answer.  If he's on vacation, then we're on vacation together. And that's where I've been for the past week.

There and here...






(the tiniest frog I've ever seen)



See you around.
By the way...photography isn't work. :) I'll be here and here.

Are your summertime priorities in order?


  1. That sounds like the right choice to me too, have a great vacation! xo

  2. I loved your post! Sometimes when our priorities are right, you're in store for lots of fun! I'm happy for you!

  3. BTW, I want to say how much I like the look of your blog. I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but I'll be back. Love the colors and the font ... everything is so fresh and light!

  4. I am all about baseball and softball right now. I can hardly do anything else. Every night and just about every weekend from June 1-July 31st is all about the game. Makes it hard to fulfill the obligations I have set up for myself but I wouldn't change it. I love it. And it will be over all too soon. Spent from 11 am - 6:30 pm at the tournament on Sunday. Three back-to-back-to-back games to decide the championship. We won, of course ;-)
    Enjoy the day.

  5. Sounds like an awesome plan! We have the kidlets for the next two weeks - so no working in the studio but well worth it to see them. Off to play games with them now! Hope you have a great vacation!

  6. What a great post, and it looks like you're having a great time! You definitely made the right decision!


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