June 5, 2012

thrifting steals & deals

Since I'm such a prolific maniacal addicted thrifter, I've added a new button to my regular section
right there ------->
appropriately labeled "Thrifting steals & deals".   But first, this week's treasures...

Three nice scores this week!
My biggest steal? Shhh...now this one is a well kept secret.

studio waterstone thrifting deals and steals

Many are aware that you can recycle your used magazines by donating them to the library.
But what you may NOT know...
Libraries will often turn around and sell them for a fraction of the original cost.
I got eight current magazines for .10 each.  I gave the librarian 1.00 and told her to keep the change.

My apologies.  I've referred to the above image several times for months as many of you know I'm slowly accumulating a collection of silver platters for a wall display.  And this week...


I added two more to my collection!  Aren't they gorgeous?  The patina is perfectly delicious.

studio waterstone thrifting deals and steals

I now have four...each found while thrifting and I haven't paid more than $3 per platter.

studio waterstone thrifting deals and steals


Found any deals or steals lately?


  1. I didn't know libraries sold their magazines. I will be looking into this for sure. - I have a collection of the silver too but never did anything with it. I have some pieces that I bring out at Christmas but that's it. Your idea for the wall is brilliant, it looks great and you can enjoy your thrifting treasures all of the time. - I haven't been thrifting in a few weeks so I have nothing to share. xo

  2. wow! these platters are so COOL! What a great idea. And I bet they are well-priced? Or have they too gone up with the price of silver? ;)

  3. Love the wall idea...I like silver but don't like the maintenance or really the look on my table.. but the wall idea is a good one. I will be keeping an eye on my library.....!

  4. I also didn't know about libraries selling magazines. I might just check that out later on today! (Thanks for the advice!)
    As far as thrifting, I found two awesome french doors that I plan to use in my wedding - $8 for both last week.
    -Saxon @ letsdrinkcoffeedarling.blogspot.com

  5. Those platters are gorgeous!!! Thrifting is my favorite pastime and stress reliever (besides rollerblading :) I haven't been in a couple weeks but my last great find was a bag full of acrylic frames with magnets on the backs... I'm going to use them for art pieces and put them in the shop...I paid a whopping $3 for 21 of them!! I've got a section on my blog called
    Thrift Store Scores' but have been neglecting it... you've encouraged me to get back into posting on it! You are always encouraging/inspiring me in some way or other...Thanks! :)))

  6. I did not know that about libraries, Lori. Thank you for the info!

    Those plates are just beautiful. Such wonderful additions to your wall.

  7. what great finds, lucky you!


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