June 8, 2012

the week in pics (and a little sketchbook peek)

This week we learned that the hubby will be moving a little closer to home - by two hours.  Next stop is Cincinnati, Ohio.  Now it's time to scramble to find full time housing for him (part time for me).  So, that took up most of my week and I don't have pictures...not that you'd want to see.

By the way...
if you're in that area, please offer up some nice places to reside: southern Cincinnati/upper Kentucky.

And when I wasn't blanketing realtor sites...

my first harvest of the year (because I'm so freaking proud)

I made little things (because my mind was small this week)

rain (because it's so refreshing and comforting and the perfect excuse for reading a good book)

morning walks (because the light is ideal and I can't get enough of these thorny buds)

soph (because she's so photogenic - even in the morning!)

ouch (because she may be pretty but common sense falters a bit)

So, I'm working on...


(because the weather is so beautiful)


Happy Friday.  Enjoy your weekend.
Special plans???


  1. Nothing like life in transition!! Cincinnati is large enough that it does depend on where in Cinci he will be working. If downtown then I would recommend Northern KY or the east side of the city. If up around top of 275 loop then definitely opt for a suburb in Ohio.

    We live in NKY, husband works at Xavier University and makes the drive thru downtown everyday. There are lots of options...my faves in NKY are Ft Mitchell and Park Hills. One county over I would recommend Ft Thomas and parts of Bellevue that are up & coming.

    Please don't hesitate to email if you have more questions.

  2. Yea, for hubby getting closer! Hopefully you can find a nice housing situation for you both.

    Love the alfresco...maybe it will be on your calendar? (smile) xo

  3. Another beautiful art piece, so love your work!

  4. I have a former classmate from Grad school who works/lives northern Ky/OH.
    Email me if you ate still looking.

  5. Getting closer to home... now that is good news!
    Love the alfresco work in progress and your little tomatoes are cute!! Growing your own is always such a sweet delight. Soph is such a sweetie.

  6. Hi Lori, We used to live in Liberty Township. That was close enough to everything but still had a nice small town feel. Good Luck!

  7. I love your pictures, every single one of them! Looking forward to reading the rest of your beautiful blog as a special evening treat after work ...


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