July 18, 2012

mission accomplished

Here she is, folks.  Our home for at least the next year.  Sophie and I braved the trip yesterday. (Soph for the first time and she was a champ)

As you can see, the outside is adorable. The inside is decidedly 70's-ish but it's got great bones. This baby will be an interesting project because it's a rental and our options are fairly limited.  Be that as it may,  with Pinterest as my source, and you as my helper and editor, I'll do my upmost to beautify within my limits.

Off now to walk with Sophie and sniff out the neighborhood.  Until tomorrow - have a wonderful day.


  1. Love that tree!!! and the lattice windows... can't wait to see your project photos :)

  2. It looks so nice, very welcoming. Gorgeous tree.

  3. Oh yes...love those windows, too! So happy to read that Sophie made the trip with you! Labs are notoriously excellent car travelers! Enjoy your new digs!

  4. Can't wait to see how you make this house into your home. Congratulations on finding a place to put down some roots, albeit temporarily. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. That is a perfectly perfect rental! You are a crafty one, I'm sure you will find ways to make the house all yours even with a few restrictions.


  6. Oh, cute! And love the tree! Have fun (within your limits!) :)

  7. looks very nice,, Im sure you'll have it feeling like home in no time at all. Have fun with it.

  8. Very pretty! Good luck on this adventure! Head a little further north when you want some snow.....


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