July 20, 2012

my week in pics

Weekend! I could not be more ready.  Sophie, Jeff and I have settled into the new place and are looking forward to a beautiful weekend.  Here's a bit of my week in pics.

I was able to finish off a few new iPad cases for the shop before leaving Atlanta.
Finally got around to creating an "about" page, too.

I took the time to make something for myself - a gorgeous fold-over recycled black leather clutch.
I knew we'd be having dinner out and truly needed this baby.
AND it worked out so well I'm going to make a few for the shop when I get back to Atlanta.

Now, the house...


We need chairs.  It's kind of pitiful.

Really?  Wonder if the landlord would notice if this awkward hanging light - just - disappeared.

Sophie has acclimated.


We found a great park nearby which overlooks the Ohio river and has a wonderful view of Cincinnati...




I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. Glad you are getting settled in Lori.
    The house looks wonderful, and Sophie looks like she approves. :-)
    Love that fold-over bag!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Devou Park, the perfect place to start site seeing. Sophie does look quite content, hopefully the heat will stay away so she can meet some neighbors. If you make your way downtown on a nice day make sure to go to Carew Tower...very cool art deco architecture plus there is an observation deck. Enjoy your weekend!

    As for that light..I say take it down, cap it and hide it for 365 days, then put it back up before you leave ...no one will be the wiser ;-)


  3. I hope you have a lovely weekend too...I love that recycled fold over black leather clutch and yes the park looks so interesting :-)

  4. The house and the area look lovely, Lori...very nice. We have traveled through KY a few times - there are some beautiful places to visit there.

    I just got a recommendation from a specialist we are conferring with that we should try Jamie on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. He is dismayed, to say the least! Definitely not thrilled about this. I am already diary free but figure I may as well try the gluten-free with him since I have some of the same health problems.

    So, I have a feeling I will be coming to you for lots of advice in the coming weeks!!

    Enjoy the weekend -


  5. That view should be spectacular in the dark with all the lights! ummmmmm.... the picture!? seemingly out of place but somehow compelling at the same time. I wonder who thought to put it there? Very interesting concept :)

    I think Sophie will be happy and content no matter where she is as long as her 'pack' is all together :)

  6. Isn't it grand to scout out new areas? I have never been to your new neck of the woods.. beautiful skyline. Your fold over is very sophisticated .. Oooo la la. Great job on the about page .. and yes the "lamp" thing must go :o)

  7. How cool to find a painting in a frame in the park!
    I actually love moving to a new place... just hate the packing and unpacking.


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