July 9, 2012

stories: friends, dogs, and onion rings


Each year we eagerly await and enjoy the simplest of vacations.
And each year we're reminded of its absolute perfection.


Meet a few of my friends...


pepper collage - c
Pepper, who has boundless energy and is, by far, the largest lab I've ever seen.

Gracie, a.k.a. The Speed Bump, who has a heart condition and was expected to die by the age of two.
Her heart has adjusted as she is now ten. She has no gray hair because...
Gracie knows the true meaning of taking life one nap, one step, one slowly formed bark at a time.
We could all learn a thing or two from Gracie.

I believe you've already met my Sophie a.k.a. the most photogenic dog on the planet.
At least in my personal opinion.

scruffy collage - c
Meet Scruffy, our newest addition. Scruffy wandered to our friend's lake house, refusing to budge,
fur matted, clearly having never been cared for or loved and yet as sweet as the day is long.
Scruffy truly believes he's died and gone to heaven.


There's the garden.  Our friends are masterful gardeners.

We have our guilty pleasures like...
 floating all day on the lake,
drinking lots of beer while we float all day on the lake,
throwing a frisbee, reading silly magazines,
and playing corn hole while we're still drinking beer but not floating on the lake, and...


enjoying our once-a-year super amazing and so not good for you fried meal consisting of...

home grown fried vidalia onion rings
home grown fried okra
fried bbq wings
fried chicken tenders
fried green tomatoes
and french fries.

with beer.


  1. Looks like a fabulous way to relax, and I love all of the doggies. :)

  2. Sounds just about perfect!

  3. What lovely dogs! And those onion rings look amazing :)visiting to link with I heart macro but wanted to leave a comment for the lovely doggies :)

  4. wonderful and peaceful...what a lovely time

  5. Looks like you've found paradise!

  6. Scruffy has stole my heart .. and uhummm.. those mighty tasty looking onion rings .... mmmmmm♥

  7. Sounds like the perfect vacation! Love your furry friends!

  8. Sounds heavenly, so nice that the dogs let you all come along! xo

  9. Awesome. I love meeting new friends. Makes me long for a furry friend of my own. Sweet puppy eyes. That Scruffy is melting my heart. And that meal is making my mouth water.
    Enjoy the day, Miss Lori!

  10. Everything was wonderful and I'm ashamed to add that we had vidalia onion appetizers every night. :)

  11. Wow, those onion rings look amazing! I'm glad that you had such a good trip. Beautiful photos as always.

  12. Scruffy is adorable! He really knows how to work the camera angles. ;~)

  13. Oh, it does sound perfect, Lori! Lovely and lazy and perfect. Our vacation are long road trips to new and exciting places - lots of fun, too, and somewhat relaxing, but we could use this sort of vacation also.

    And I'm with you - one of my favorite things about vacation time is reading (aka flipping through) all the magazines I don't have time for normally.




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