July 25, 2012

thrifting steals & deals

This weekend Jeff and I headed into Cincinnati to explore the area and, at the same time, track down new thrift shops.  By the way, we also ventured to the local Ikea.  Suffice it to say we were slightly overwhelmed.  Back to something more my speed...thrifting...

A graphically framed dictionary page from 1880 - $5.00!


Feeding my aged silver platter obsession...


Reed & Barton King Francis Platter - $6.00
(Found this one on Ebay for $109!)


A great wooden fruit bowl - $1.00

So, so happy with our nearly free swag.
Scored any nice deals lately?  Do spill.


  1. Nice finds, especially the silver platter, and finding that it is worth a least a hundred more than you paid..Wow!

    I found a sweet pair of new, very feminine, cotton PJ's at Goodwill for $2.99..love them! xo

  2. That platter is an incredible find! Yowza!! My brand new in the box photo frame for $1.97 pales by comparison. Oh, I did find a never been worn Chico blouse for $3.50. That made me happy!

  3. IKEA, we make that trek every once in a while. Love to get inexpensive window treatments, hardware, and organizational goodies.

    I love St Vincent DePaul for thifting. Once I stumbled upon old Christmas cards with copper embossing..coolest thing ever for a buck.

  4. Wow!! Gorgeous platter...If I lived in a house I would be collecting all kinds of beautiful silver pieces from platters to butter dishes to creamers :)

    Just got back from thrifting a half hour ago and scored a small bag of really cool pewter figurines. gonna look them up. There is a miniature 'conquistador' (super cool), a stage coach with 2 horses!, a gorgeous Indian in full headdress and several other micel. pieces. The price for the bag... $3.99!!

  5. Fantastic finds Lori.
    I just love the Reed and Barton platter.

  6. I love thrifting! And love yours. Wanna go with you some time, you seem to find amazing shops. :)


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