August 13, 2012

a change, a drive, a weekend, and the score

I'm on the road again today, heading back down to Atlanta, wishing and desperately hoping that my young adult offspring haven't burned down the house.  Okay - a little extreme, but you know how a mother's wildest imagination runs.

Notice anything different about the blog?  I've had a hankering for simplification and seeing how the lack of a wide banner sits with me.  I'll probably change the "Studio Waterstone" thingie on the left a little.  What do you think? New layout or old?

A few pictures from our absolutely gorgeous weekend.  We spent every moment outside.

studio waterstone

studio waterstone
Not us - just a couple of fabulous models.

studio waterstone
One of the coolest dog fountains I've ever seen.  Sophie thought it was splendid.


studio waterstone
We have been so lucky with thrifting!  I'm pretty sure Jeff's addicted which is good because it's a great way to furnish a house.

Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Yes, I did notice the change and I like it! Very clean and crisp.

  2. I like the change too. In fact I didn't miss the banner until you pointed out that it had changed. Which is weird because I can clearly see your other banner in my mind.

  3. Drive carefully, and yes, I know how that catastrophic fantasy thingy works. :)

  4. looks like your getting lucky finding some great deals.. love the new layout of the blog.
    have a great week .

  5. i like the layout but wish the side bar was on the right side, i feel like unbalanced this way with it on the left. weird, i know.

    Great finds for the new digs!
    Very cool water fountain! give sophie hugs for me.

  6. I really like the new look. I love how minimal & calm it looks:)

  7. I love the new layout! It's so fresh looking!

  8. I liked the old design, but the new one is straight to the point, because your current post is the first thing you'll see as a visitor. I like the small banner, but, like Lorelei, I'd rather put the side bar on the right side. But it's just because we're used to it that this looks a bit strange in the first instance ...

  9. Wow, you are fast ... I wake up, and the side bar is on the right! Perfect! Thus, the design feels brighter and lighter, love it!


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