August 15, 2012

puzzling tidbits and a question for you

studio waterstone

It's puzzling how ambitious and vivid the visions are of successfully blasting into a project with absolutely no distractions. I very clearly suffer from traveling amnesia because after each trip, I spend the next day or two recovering, whether it's wading through the massive stack of mail or cleaning all of the take-out boxes from the refrigerator (remember, I have young adults who house sit - they don't cook).  

studio waterstone

And I'm not sure if any of you can relate to this, but my home no longer feels like my home.  Sure, it has most of my stuff. But I simply reside here for a certain period of time until I get to go back to the hubby who, after one or two weeks, is asked if he has an upcoming business trip.  Puzzling, yet true.

studio waterstone

It's puzzling how I always walk into my first home expecting said young adults to fall  over themselves to visit their traveling mother when the truth of the matter is they fall over themselves to run out of the house to continue on with their young adult lives - leaving me with a hungry dog and cat to share my dinner. (Okay, this part I like)

studio waterstone

Which leads me to my question for you.  Since I AM heading back into the studio today...

Let's say you're thinking of purchasing a new bag.

What type would be at the top of your list?
(I'm interested in seeing if it's the type I see on 99% of the women on the street)
(And yes, that's what I do when I people-watch.)

P.S. Don't forget to check out the end-of-season sale in the shop.


  1. My favorite bag is my vintage Coach bag (the one with the flap and dowel through the top. It is the right size, not too big. But it is starting to look rough.


  2. I am boring - a basic tote, but it needs lots of pockets/dividers inside. (I carry too much stuff)

  3. I would love a rectangular tote with a boxy bottom, a rich fabric and thick rounded leather handles.

  4. I have to have a bag that hangs from the shoulder, but love it if the strap is adjustable, so I can cross it over my body for extended shopping. I'm pretty specific in my needs, which is why I don't buy very many bags. I need a lightweight material, since everyone's stuff ends up in my bag, and I have to have outside pockets to put the cell, pen and tissues in. My current bag has large brass ring attaching the handle to the bag, so I clip my keyring onto it. Soo, I'm like everyone else, right?? :)

  5. I love cross body bags ~ slouchy, on the bigger side, and soft leather

  6. I am a bag watcher .. I confess .. I was lingering in one boutique yesterday examining the insides of the gorgeous designs I think I may have been making the lovely lady behind the counter nervous .. until I told her I made bags and then she was looking with me :o) she actually had some great ideas. I love leather ~ even if it is just a little bit and the cowgirl in me loves to see a bit of fringe... ♦

    have fun creating ... life is certainly about change isn't it?

  7. Something like a messenger bag with a shoulder strap. When I carry a handbag I need a big one.

  8. Topping my list these days is also a tote with boxy bottom. I've had a messenger style bag for the last year and whatever I need is lost at the bottom.

    That said I would like to buy a tote that looks like no one else. I love your designs and applique work. Looking forward to seeing what you make next.

  9. I need pockets (preferably with closures as my stuff is always popping out all over). And durability. Your bag from the bomber jacket still haunts my dreams. I have a lot of stuff to cart around. And there are always 8 or more lipsticks/balms/glosses. And the cell phone that is so large it is like a mini-computer. I love all your bags. Unfortunately, I have beat the heck out of this suede one from you (dust from the ballparks has rendered it more grey than blue!) and I am on the hunt for my next bag! Enjoy the day!

  10. The bag that got away...I fell in love with the "recycled wool and leather " bag you sold back in Nov. I was a bit late to claim it.
    Make more of that style. I loved the colors with the pop of red on the edge of the lining.
    Your bags are the best!

  11. Oh my gosh, Cinder - also one of my favorites! How I wish I had many yards of that fabulous wool to play with. Thanks for yours and EVERYONE's opinions. Keep them coming - I'm making a list.

  12. I am always looking for the "Perfect Bag". I love a soft, soft leather hobo bag. Very slouchy!

  13. I would be looking for:

    Shoulder strap (I am tragically forgetful)

    Big enough for the essentials (wallet, phone, lippy, and a few odds and ends) but not so crazy big as to be in the way whilst walking and shopping.

    Pretty! :)

  14. I go from one extreme to the other- tiny which is my purse which contains a change purse, a card holder with my drivers license and 1 credit card, phone, and room to spare for my keys...
    to the other, a large tote in which the purse goes, which also houses my lunch bag, a book, a spare nylon grocery bag, pen holder with pens, and sometimes my rain poncho.

    I carry the small bag on weekends, the tote which in my case is a 15 year old leather back pack is my commute bag for work.

    New bag for me would be a small wallet- something a bit larger than a credit card in which I could zip my change, fold my bills, and a pocket on the outside to tuck in my drivers license. Something small enough to slip into my pocket.

  15. I am so into satchels at the moment. I'm on the look out for a vintage brown battered old leather one. I want to buy one and then re-line it with something really ridiculous and funky and bright, so it makes you smile when you open it.


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