August 6, 2012

Room Re-Deux (and a Great Thrifting Score)

Hi there and happy Monday!  I don't know about you, but lately our weekends have been filled with exploring the new surroundings and a desperate desire to bring our rental into the 21st century. Happily, this weekend we did a little of the earlier and a lot of the latter.  Come see...

The fugly 80's light fixture in the corner has been secretly removed and capped. YAY! That simple act made us feel so much better. Even then, we still had dated, lacy sheers blocking the beautiful bay window and absolutely nothing on the wall.  So we headed to Ikea. Yay again!

Jeff fell in love with this gigantic black & white image so I said, "Yes Dear, I agree.  No Dear, it's not too big."  It's huge.  And even though it's wider than our newly topped table, I kind of love it.  Notice the  drapes?  No more dated sheers and our bay window has been unveiled. (Ikea picture $49, drapes $25: satisfaction = priceless)

chair pic
Now for the score of the month...  We had searched high and low, new and old, for kitchen chairs with no luck until we stopped in at a used furniture shop on Saturday and found these - vintage Hitchcock chairs covered in dust and at $15 a pop, they were a steal - literally.  I am in love with them. (We have the 1932-43 chairs as the seat backs read, "Hitchcock, Alford & Co. Hitchcocks-ville. Conn. Warranted." with the "N's" printed backwards.)


And then (late) yesterday afternoon, we sat back to admire our weekend work.  And snoozed.

How was your weekend? Work on anything new?


  1. I would LOVE to find some old Hitchcock chairs. I have four but would really like 8. Jealous. The ceiling fixture would not have bothered me as long as I could get rid of the brass with some ORB paint! I spent the weekend sewing. Made a gorgeous tote that I can't sell because it took so much time to make it that if I came close to charging for all the labor people would think I had lost my mind. Doesn't matter - I am happy to carry it! (And when people ask - they do - how much I would charge to make one I just tell them it is a "one of a kind" piece!)

  2. Suzan, since it's a rental, we can't paint the light they just magically...disappeared. Would LOVE to see your new tote! And I really can relate to the labor thing.

  3. Beautifulness in the new space!

    As my family was out of town this weekend, I spent it doing ONLY WHAT I WANTED TO! It was absolutely glorious.

  4. Hitchcock chairs? $15 a pop? I'm dead I tell ya, dead.

    And I love the IKEA additions! :)

  5. I love your spirit of adventure and the way that these treasures seem to find you! I need to do a bit of this myself. My home is not dated so much as just a blank canvas in most places. But there always seems to be something else to do. I so wish that I had an Ikea within 2 hours of me (4 at least). I would be there all the time. But we are getting a TJ Maxx in my little burg soon. Can't wait! I did work on the most awesome project this weekend. A wonderful opportunity and something amazing that came of it. But I can't reveal it...yet. And I delivered wedding jewelry to a friend about to be married. She gasped when she opened the box, so my gift to her is a success. Enjoy the day. Erin

  6. Holy crap! Hitchcock chairs for $15. a piece! You lucky, lucky, girl! I see so many wonderful things that people post about IKEA furniture for their homes and studios, so wish there was one near us. Think the closest one is about 3 1/2 hrs away. The updates look great!

  7. You got a FAB bargain! Whoo Hoo! I'd keep going back to that store. You might find more.
    Meg- Holly Springs Ga

  8. Looking good! I love how it looks all warm and cozy :)


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