August 27, 2012

to love

studio waterstone blog - things to love
What's to love on a Monday morning?  For me, it's generally the simple things like a steaming cup of coffee and a perky Sophie-Dog.  Today I want to share a couple of things that I can't wait to dive into this week.  First, the Koi Field Pocket Sketchbox.

studio waterstone blog - things to love
A traveling companion for sketchers and doodlers like moi.

studio waterstone blog - things to love
This little brush has a tiny water tank in the handle.  No additional water needed! Cool or what?

studio waterstone blog - things to love
And this treat.

studio waterstone blog - things to love
Garden and Gun is a beautifully written magazine. They normally have great artisan features, but this month's issue features fifteen artists, from painting to letterpress.

(additionally) This morning I jump back into the studio to complete a slew of leather bags and begin another group as the week goes on!  Jeff says that I can't come back to Cincinnati until I finish my work - so he's the little elf standing behind me providing bribes encouragement. Haha - gotta love the man.  So, in the evenings when I'm pooped from studio work, I'll get to enjoy my two new treats. 

That's what I'm loving this beautiful, almost September morning. (Can you believe it?)  Do tell me what you're loving these days?


  1. Garden & Gun. Must be a southern thing ;-) But the feature sounds cool! I need to find more of those water pens. I use them daily with my alcohol inks filled with alcohol blending solution and I find that I ruin them quite handily. I am using a lame one right now. And my local Michaels stopped carrying them. I had hoped they hadn't gone away. I will be looking for them again! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. I love the watercolor set and just added one to my Amazon list. ;) Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Garden and Gun? That sounds VERY Southern!

    I am loving SILENCE AND SOLITUDE this Monday!!

    We dropped Jamie off at college Saturday, and Craig started high school this morning...and I had a quiet house to myself for the first time in a long, difficult year. Hoping to have much more time for writing - and for visiting friends online :)

    Happy Monday!


    Book By Book

    Live with CFS

  4. That koi set has amazing colors, can't wait to see what you color. I have a few of the water pens, just love them, they are fabulous for twinks (shimmer water color pots)

    Hope you had a great day!


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