September 18, 2012

and so it began

studio waterstone
Yesterday was warm and so Atlanta muggy that one could hardly breathe. The air was begging for rain. WE were begging for rain and finally, finally it came during the night and throughout much of the day.

studio waterstone
For me, the mugginess brought along a nasty headache of biblical proportions - at least according to my way of thinking (and because I'm convinced that my sinus' are deeply connected to the barometric pressure).

And so I didn't do much from last evening forward but sit and whine and pout.  And I slept with a head the size of a rather large-ish Halloween pumpkin - which had already been carved and left on the front porch with a blazing candle glaring inside it's eyes. (How's that for a descriptive headache?)

studio waterstone
All is better now.  The sun came back out.  The mugginess slithered away and I am loving the cooler breeze and the colorful leaves.

How was your day?  Would you describe it as graphically as I did my biblical, barometric headache?
Oh please do.


  1. Oh, hon, been there, exploded from that! I'm conVINCED that my migraines can tell when we're getting a weather front!!! Lessee.... graphic.... how about it's like a bag of pus so full it's about to explode from my eyeballs! How's that? Graphic enough? Too graphic? Too graphic, huh? (ick!)

  2. I am sorry you had a horrid headache. I have been getting bad ones at times too...I think mine are allergy related but don't know for sure. I do know that your description was so close to my symptoms that I could swear one was creeping up on me...ugh.

    My day is going great, not even close to being over yet! xo

  3. Muggy at the end of September is something to whine about of Biblical doubt. I think that is why I love Fall so much here in Upstate New York: the humidity packs up and leaves...apparently to Atlanta!
    Love your photos in this post.


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