September 6, 2012

immersion and a little story

studio waterstone handbags

I'm sure you know the feeling (and I'm not enough of a blogger to plan for these occasions).  My brain is mush.  The studio is taking up every bit of my creativity and muscle power these days.  In the evening, as I said...mush.  And having said that, I leave you with a little story.

• A Little Story •

When I was a little girl, I cherished my Grandmother Bailey.  She told me once that she may look like an old woman, but on the inside she was still a young girl.  Her words merely confused my young mind.
But I remembered them.

While spending time with my elderly mother, she once told me that even though she was a very old woman, on the inside she was still a young girl.  Once again, my mind didn't wrap around the concept.
But I remembered her words.

Last weekend the family went out to dinner together.  As we discussed something inconsequential, I did a little dance in my seat to show my enthusiasm.  Jessie was horrified and said that she probably had friends in the restaurant, so could I please refrain from this behavior?  

Suddenly, I got it.

Have a wonderful day.  I'll be in the studio creating and reminiscing.


  1. I think the older I get the younger I get. Make sense?

  2. You absolutely made me giggle today!

  3. My mom was the same way and I remember a few times when I cringed at her antics. But now I would give anything to have her back. And I want to be just like her.

  4. I know this feeling well - and you've "spoken" it perfectly! Have a wonderful, sparkling day :)

  5. My grandma told me the same story .. I do understand now.

    I've had to apologize to my mom a few times. My daughter is the same age difference from me as I am to my mom. So I have a reference. When I was my daughters age I thought my mom & her sister were so silly on the rides at LaGoon amusement park and "really she ought to act her age" ... hummmm .... you seem to have a good steady diet of crow the older you get... :o)

  6. This was so great!! My 'younger self' comes out quite often... I have a friend who is in her young 60's (I am 52)and when the two of us get together we are crazy with excitement and enthusiasm!! Especially when we roller blade together! :))) She is gone cruising right now...can't wait to see her again :)

  7. Yeah! It's a shame we can't 'get' this till we're there. I tell my children and grandchildren this.

  8. ...what everyone else said! Beautiful photo too!

  9. Yes...when I was younger I was embarrassed when mom did something funky. But now the both of us do funky things in public so it is fun :) I also get it - I am almost 40 but I sure feel like I am still in my 20's but I am loving where I am at now so that is such a plus!

  10. Trust me, we've all done this in one way or another, because we are all just young girls/boys inside. I for one, hope I always will be.


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