September 11, 2012

randomness (and a giveaway)

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Random Fact #1 - The Slinky Effect
When Sophie and I walk each morning I noticed this.  We are the proverbial slinky.  She, walks in a perfect line, trotting ahead of me with her adjustable leash.  When she reaches some distance, she slows and I, being the tail, catch up.  And so it goes until we turn to go home.  Then...
I am the front and she is the tail.

Random Fact #2 - String Cheese
In a pinch, when constructing a homemade pizza, string cheese works.
Just sayin'

Random Fact #3 - The Giveaway
Been awhile, hasn't it?
After slaving creating new bags, I'm ready for a proper giveaway.
It will be fun (is there any other kind?)  It will involve leather.  Yes.
It's time for a GIVEAWAY girls! (and fellas. if you're reading)

Stay tuned for giveaway pictures and details later in the day.


  1. I have used string cheese in a pinch .. works wonders ... yay .. do love a give away ♥

  2. Interesting fact about your dog walk. Maybe she doesn't want to go back? :) As to pizza, I am fortunate to be within close proximity to some pretty amazing cheese shops. Fresh mozzarella is in my clutch at the snap of a finger! :)

  3. My dog Jake does the same... I have to practically drag him back to the boat most times. Then there are other times when he runs ahead, jumps on board ans stares impatiently at the drop boards! He's pretty old now (17) so I chalk it up to good and bad days for an old dog :)))

    **I love string in grilled cheese sandwiches too! :)

  4. Yes, I confess to using string cheese! My dog doesn't have the slinky thing down quite yet...:)


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