September 19, 2012

trying something new

studio waterstone watercolors
remember these?

studio waterstone watercolors

studio waterstone watercolors
I've had a few requests about purchasing my watercolors and try as I might, I just don't have the time to go through the printing process (what with the bags and everything).

I had completely given up on the notion of selling my work, until I recently stumbled upon a successful artist who offers her art as digital downloads.  Like me, she works on other things full time but wanted to make her projects available to those who asked.  For her and for many of her colleagues, this process has been successful, safe, and she's had happy results.

The art pictured above?  They aren't the originals.  They've been digitally downloaded and printed onto cardstock using my regular old Epson printer.  All you need is a printer with the capability to print photos (and who doesn't now days?) and you've got a framable print for very little investment.

After a little more tweaking, and adding a couple more pieces,
I should be able to make them available within the next few days.
For now, you can check out the previews here.


  1. WooHoo! Love digital downloads! A great win-win situation as long as your policies are in place to protect your hard work. I can see many card makers drooling at the possibilities you are about to offer.

  2. What a great idea to share your older, awesome artwork while working on your bags. That is great and I am sure it will be well recieved.

  3. Yippee!!!!! I am so excited, off I go to add card stock to my shopping list...Oh, I'd better check my ink level too..hehehe! xxoo

  4. Fabulous idea! :) Good luck!!! So exciting to be branching even wider into the things you love. Gorgeous.

  5. This is an excellent idea and I'm positive it will work well for you. Good luck!

  6. so glad to hear this,, I'll be checking back. Good luck with it!


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