October 10, 2012

come walk with us

Sophie and I walk every day in this humongous park which also is a neighborhood, plus an amphitheater,  plus a golf course, plus mountain bike trails, plus a museum, plus a wedding facility.
The trees are so beautiful, temperatures cold and I thank the person who invented ear muffs.
Thought you'd like to see a little eye candy.  Join us?




taken from my car on the way out of the park, but the stairs in the middle of this driveway are...interestingly...interesting. for me? a hazard, for sure



my pardner.


  1. Love! Makes me wanna come walking with you :)

  2. What a beautiful neighborhood to take a walk in!

  3. What a lovely area to walk in..those stunning old homes and gorgeous Autumn foliage... beautiful and thank you for taking us there.

  4. wow! I'd walk there too, how beautiful are these houses, wow!

  5. What a beautiful walk! I bet there is lots of daydreaming that goes on during those walks. I too have beautiful walking trails where I live. Each community is connected by these walking/bike trails, so it makes each walk an interesting journey!

  6. Wow! There is nothing better than walking with your best pup-friend when your surroundings are so beautiful! There is something so peaceful about "established" neighborhoods, isn't there! I wish I had this to look at! I live in a neighborhood with a total of 3 streets, which are connected to a semi-rural, non-sidewalk-type road. I can tell you how many leaves have fallen from each tree on a daily basis...ugh! So happy you are enjoying your new-found neighborhood! I bet Sophie is in heaven!

  7. we would be drooling over the same home ♦ very nice!!! great to see you on Etsy Finds today!!!


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