October 4, 2012

from the studio: taming the beast - most days

In my line of work, I use two machines

My trusty, every day, over 20 year old Singer

and the beast - this Juki Industrial for sewing thick things like leather

I've tamed both - almost.  Let me tell you about the beast.

• Including the table, it's one, big machine.  The motor is mounted underneath the table.
• It's HEAVY - solid cast iron.
• It must be oiled after 8 hours of use.
• Don't EVER, EVER rotate the wheel backward (as you do with a regular machine)
or it will cause a locking up of biblical proportions. (and sometimes it just does it for fun)
• It runs amazingly, scary fast.
• It's loud enough to wake the dead - or a sleeping teenager. (who slept through a smoke alarm)
• It makes my stomach hurt to imagine my finger getting caught under the needle.
(been there, done that on the Singer.  it hurt.  but this?  ouch)

And that's why I call it the beast.


I'm working on smaller things now.

and speaking of taming a beast...

Porch Collage1
We attempted to take a few photos last weekend.  The dog is a camera beast...er, hog.

That's it.  Have a wonderful day and good luck in taming whatever beast you may have.


  1. I wish there was a "like" button for the photos of you all!

    Happy Thursday to you Lori!

  2. My "beast" is a Janome 1600DP that runs at 1600 stitches per minute at full speed. When I first got it, I kept the speed pretty low because it was so scary. And then I discovered the joy of quilting on it much as you would a longarm (in terms of speed). I love my Jenny!

    Really cute pics. Great smile, Lori!!

  3. I've sewn through my finger on my beast, aka Richelle. It wasn't fun. She went through my finger like a hot knife through butter!! I now keep bandaids in the little drawer on my sewing machine table :)

  4. There is such joy and happiness on your faces... and love in everything you do. I am trying to tame the clutter beast... and the mice that have snuck into my home with the turning of the weather! (I would keep the mice if they would just clean up the beadszes!) Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. I like your 'fb photo'! Beast-like machines are rather scary to me but I sure would like to be able to sew a few heavy duty projects. Do you ever use your smaller machine for leather?

  6. My dog Alice is a camera hog too. Actually, she's just a plain old pain in the butt almost lab attention hog.

    I love seeing what goes into making up you bags and things. Will make my new one even more special than it definitely already is.

  7. Wow, the Juki sounds scary! But you have obviously tamed it! I've been wanting to touch base with you....I think I have my first sewing-related injury. I'm having some muscle pain on the left side of my chest/arm I believe is from putting pressure on my cutting board. Sigh...getting old is tough!


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