October 26, 2012




Back home.  Shown are three of the five things I most love upon returning to Georgia.  Oreo, the "lovable but don't turn your back on her" cat, a huge stack of magazines and catalogs, and my studio - slightly clean.

I'm supposed to clean, grocery shop, organize and all that today but I'm so freaking excited and motivated that the cleaning may be moved to the weekend so that I can dive into the studio today.  It's amazing how I miss the things that I'm so ready to leave - like my kids and the studio.

Oh, and speaking of... I didn't photograph the other two things I most love upon returning to Georgia because they, as they so eloquently express, "have lives".  


Enjoy your day.
P.S. Don't miss Monday!  I will have surprise.


  1. Oh boy cant wait to see what you're working on.. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oreo is a swettie pie! i hit the grocery store at 7:00 am...my least favorite chore in the world!cannot wait to see what you create next! BTW: i have been wearing my new leather bag daily since it arrived... I get no less than 2 compliments from complete strangers every time!now I just need to sork on the rest of my attire! have a great weekend!

  3. Evil eye wonderful looking kitty. Lately, we have travelled so much over the past few months. How easy is to ignore the call of the things that should be done and dive into the studio.

    Speaking of travelling, my bad to not let you know before. The BAG. Beautiful. Went on my trip. Perfect in every way. My constant companion when I leave my front door. Can't imagine being without this thing of beauty.


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