November 19, 2012

diy easy wine cork

diy wine cork - studio waterstone
A unique hostess gift to accompany your bottle of wine.
What's needed for the your Fancy Schmancy Wine Cork:
This drawer pull came from the clearance bin at Anthropologie - $2.95
Cork - I found a small package at Michaels for less than $2 or you can recycle your own
Gorilla Glue - price doesn't count because you probably already have it.
wine cork collage
Allow to dry - I gave it about 24 hours

diy wine cork - studio waterstone

diy wine cork - studio waterstone
Fancy Schmancy or what?  And if you find your pull at Anthropologie, you'll have a
Fancy Schmancy Anthropologie wine cork that Anthropologie doesn't even have!
(Home Depot and Lowes make fancy drawer pulls, too. I won't tell)
NOTE: Additional tips and suggestions are here.


  1. Funny...I never seem to need to re-cork the wine! ;)

  2. So does Hobby Lobby!! WE just got one they have a whole aisle of drawer pulls. Awesome tutorial!

  3. Yes, Marcie, I didn't even think of Hobby Lobby! They have tons of pulls which would be great for this project. Thanks!

  4. Somehow I missed this, Lori. :-(
    What a fantastic idea!


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