November 5, 2012

from the studio: a fine balance & a kind of diy (?)

Already.  Already, I have reached a little bit of seasonal panic - panic that I can't do it all and can't get things done fast enough.  I really don't like this level.  Then I spend a weekend with family, remember what's important and remember to breathe.  So, while I have TONS of things to do, I am only one person. Right? Yes, right. Breathe. And balance.






Two metal trays, found while thrifting.  I think I may have spent $6 total.  Using Gorilla Glue, I added hangers to the backs and hung them on the studio wall, thinking it would be a kind of meditative distraction during a time of busy-ness.  Oh my.  I had no idea that you can stand and stare at the words for way longer than intended. It's like Pinterest only with words.  (btw, I added the love quote and Jessie added the power quote. kids.)


  1. What an awesome idea! You have the best luck thrifting of anyone I know. I would love to be a fly on the wall when you are shopping! And I have loads of these little poetry magnets. As a lover of words they are my favorite thing, but I don't have anywhere to play with them. I will be on the lookout for something cool like this! Enjoy the day! Erin

    P.S. You are only one and can only do what you can. I have had to really sit myself down and have a talk with me about this lately. Glad to know that *I* am not alone. ;-)

  2. Love your word trays - they work so well on many levels!! Love how the green tray word arrangement looks in contrast to the all-over word placement on the yellow. Fun Fun Fun

  3. I just love the synchronicity of the internet sometimes. I just finished reading another post about words ( I have a writing blog, that I have let languish. It has been calling to me lately, but like you I am feeling very squashed for time. No time for words- but I love your metal trays! The season is upon us. Deep breath and do what we can. I had to take a break from working (backing up photo files from my last job.) Have a great week! xo teri

  4. Yes, breathe, stop, be still. This weekend I had the amazing epiphany as well that I am only just one person. What gets done, gets done and that's really good enough. I love poetry magnets and we have had some amazing poetry created on our fridge, usually left by guests when we weren't looking. Love the idea of the trays!

  5. Oh, these are really cool! I can see how time would slip by while reading them and taking in their meaning, happened for me just by looking at your photos! ;-)

  6. What a great idea! I have two gorgeous metal trays, too. Afraid to use glue on them... they're fairly valuable, but these solid colors are just perfect for the word magnets!


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