November 15, 2012

from the studio: mojos, sketchbooks, bags, and dates

As you may or may not be aware, my mojo is on the lam.  Sketchbooks, pencils, and paint brushes beg for the smallest bit of attention.  But alas, the mojo ain't happening.

Bags, on the other hand, came along swimmingly today...

More tall artist's pouches (this is on my wish list)
Yes.  I have a wish list of my own products which are not to be enjoyed until after the "season". (sigh)

Finished this crossbody today.  It has a front flap with a pocket.

and can hold an iPad and/or books.  Or just stuff.
I'm thinking it will make it to the shop on Friday. When my model shows up.
(she usually turns up on Thursdays.  why?  read on...)

The smaller things should also be in the shop by Friday.

As for tonight...

Mr. P and I have a date here. (I've always prided myself on being cheaply entertained - as in, a cheap date) And, ironically, this "date" never turns out to be a real date because an offspring or two religiously tracks us down and suddenly wants to be in our presence. Free food.

Which leads me to today's question:
Are you a cheap or expensive date? 


  1. It depends on whether it's my B-day or not. B-day? Not so much (hello, Tahoe Joe's! Mmmm, steak!) If it's not? Mac's Steak House (McDonalds for the uninitiated) keeps me happy.

  2. I am a cheap date. Probably because I never get to go on a date that is outside my own home. We call that colliding on the couch ;-) There is a very amazing restaurant in our town called Christian's Bistro. Run by people who used to be the house manager and executive chef for each of Emeril Lagasse's fine restaurants across the country. It is marvelous. I am not cheap when I go there. Which reminds me, I got gypped out of going there on my 20th wedding anniversary last month... I think I will be collecting on that soon! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. It looks like a fun night! Beer and taco's? What's not to like!

  4. I am most assuredly a cheap date! When I met my 'now' husband... I would always pick the cheapest thing on the menu! Even today (31 years later) I have to force myself to spend a little more :) We had all our first dates at 'Dunkin Donuts'!!LOL!! Of course he was a lowly E3 in the Airforce when we met so not much money :)))

  5. I would rather go to a casual sandwich, beer and wine type of place than a fancy joint. So I guess I'm a cheap date. We also seem to end up with a "poor hungry" daughter with boyfriend when we go to grab a sandwich.
    I wouldn't have it any other way. : )
    As always...I love your new bags and pouches!

  6. Cheap date all the way. More important to be together! :)

  7. im a cheap date,, we once headed to the movies and dinner and ended up going to home depot to look around instead.. and ate Wendy's from the drive thru when we left,, LOL. TacoMac looks like a cool place.
    Have a good weekend.


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