November 14, 2012

missing mojo

studio waterstone

Been feeling oddly sad and tired lately as if my mojo's gone on vacation and is refusing to return. I do know that, for some time, I've felt a desperate need for change but can't quite wrap my brain around what that change may be. Maybe I need a really fun vacation - or a therapist.

I'm voting for the former. The scenery is lovely and it sure makes living without your mojo more fun. Maybe I'll run across said mojo while I'm there.

Ever lost your mojo? Pray tell - where did you find it?


  1. Oh, mine has been gone for awhile now. Perhaps they are on vacation together. I think that my lack of beady inspiration is coming from my desire to try something new that will take me down another path (much to hubby's dismay). Just working up the gumption to step off......

  2. I think I am with you! And if the vacation includes warmth and drinks with umbrellas, I am there! This feeling of 'something's got to give' seems to be very prevalent right now. I am not sure what the next step is for me. I do know that something is coming. Until then I just keep putting one foot in front of the other and hope that all my balls will stay juggled in the air long enough for me to figure it out. Enjoy the day and the beauty that is all around you and within you. Erin

  3. You know what really helped me? I took a class in a technique that I knew nothing about. It was just enough to give me a jolt in my creative brain. I'm sure in Hotlanta you can find some pretty awesome class opportunities. Maybe take something like painting or even pottery. I know it's not a vacation, but it's new and sometimes that just what the Dr. ordered. Don't fret whatever you do, it'll come back, just give it time.

  4. I think, sometimes, my mojo is afraid to fail at whatever it is I'm wanting to try. For example, I really, really, reeeeeeally want to start doing metal work (I've seen some stunning examples) and it *looks* easy enought (though I know it isn't, exactly) so, instead of sitting down and doing something on the easy end of the scale, my mojo takes a hike while thumbing it's nose at me. Like Mary's Little Lamb, it eventually came home (I sat down and made my first ever copper headpins last weekend). Yours will, too. Coax it back with promises to start on the easy-peasy-hard-to-fail end of the scale :0)

  5. I find that entering a challenge provides the needed kick in the pants for my muse. The combination of doing something out of my comfort zone AND having a deadline is just what I need to break free. It's that little extra motivation that gets me out of my slump. There are plenty of challenges out there. Art Bead Scene blog and Vintaj blog have them every month, just to name two. The added bonus is many challenges actually offer a prize, if you win! It's a win-win, in that case!

  6. love your intro photograph; how appealing. Mojo's must be running rampant somewhere out there; mine has side-swiped me for too long. I know what I need to do is get in my old craft-room and do a total re-shuffle, tidy-up. I want to park my photographic and laptop and tablet bits and pieces in there instead of reams of cardstock scraps and what had been 'inspirational' magazines stacked in huge volumes. Neat again would help me walk in there again. It's hard to know quite what to let go of though isn't it just?!

  7. Mojo is fickle! But sometimes we just have to honor our down times because they make the up times that much sweeter! For me, it's important not to feel guilty about not producing. But, really, I think we've been beat up by the election. The whole tempo and tenor of the thing was a downer. I don't think we always realize how things like that are affecting us.

  8. My mojo and my muse frequently run off together...I'm sure they're having a wild and creative time without me :) So I'm going to try the vacation strategy and go drink some wine and eat amazing food in Napa and Sonoma for a few days...if it works I'll let you know!

  9. you too? what is it .. I'm on the search as well.
    hang in there baby! .. as the old adage goes!
    December 21 .. gaining daylight ... Whooo Whooo!

  10. My comments align with Barbara's - relish your downtime! Do something else! Bake or cook...or take Sophie on an extra walk (I know - you already do this)! Take care!

  11. I think that this time of year the mojos just get up and go. If it isn't a life change that saps the creative juice (I literally sat in a room and stared at some walls for 6 months because I didn't know what the end of those 6 months was going to look like for living arrangements. Terrified that each day was the last in a quasi-permanent place.) then it is the letting go of a life change. Getting the thing that you thought you wanted can drain too.

    In the end, all that really happens is that you find ways to keep kicking yourself in the pants. It took me weeks to tell myself that it was okay to be creative while life was leveling out. Really what's worse? Wasting time staring at walls in abject terror or beginning a watercolor in abject terror that the last color will topple your project?
    So life is leveling out. And now I am being crafty/creative.

    And sometimes we spend the mojo we have faster than we replenish it. Well your batteries are charged you will be back to cranking out the projects.

    Or... cheat, turn the calendar ahead to December to get through the November nerves faster ;)


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