November 28, 2012

stamp making for fun, one oh one

This is most definitely "stamping 101" as I am of the inexperienced sort.  If fact, I haven't stamped or printed since college printmaking and not only am I not telling you how long that's been,  it was also an entirely different printmaking ballgame. This is a much easier, totally addictive way to play and use your imagination.

To begin, sketch a design onto paper using a pencil, or if you're comfy, sketch directly onto your block. Your design can be as simple as circles, blocks, or lines.  I drew a simple flower. 


If you've drawn your design onto paper, turn the paper face down over your carving block and rub over the design to transfer the image. I used this block for carving, but you can go as simple as carving into an everyday block eraser.

I initially dug out my old woodcarving tools (shown above) and they worked fairly well. But this little, all-in-one Speedball tool (shown below) was the bomb.


studio waterstone blog - stamping for fun 101
I used this type of ink and first tested the print on scrap paper.  Any areas which need to be more deeply carved will show up.

Using fabric ink allows for block printing on fabric. I've stamped here onto scrap linen.

studio waterstone blog - stamping for fun 101

kraft paper

Yep - I'm seriously addicted now.


  1. So happy that you put up your tutorial, "stamp making for fun one oh one".
    I was just talking about this with one of my girls.
    I know this will be so much fun.

  2. You may *feel* inexperienced in stamp making but the result of your work looks beautiful! Nice job.

  3. I LOVE carving stamps! Genine Zlatkis has a new book out on carving stamps!

  4. Awesome-I love that you created your own stamp! It is a stunning design, hard to believe it is your first one! Thanks for the link to the carving blocks.

  5. This is wonderful, beautiful job. I love hand made paper and great tip for printing on fabric. Does the ink remain permanent, I wonder ? I am excitedly waiting for my carver, book and rubber to be delivered from Amazon. Should be interesting... I am not really a drawer! You are such a talented girl!

  6. Lori, your stamp carving is incredible, in design and technique! I have done a few, but I am a bit too shaky and uneven with these hands. I do love every way you have used them pretty!
    And as I scroll down your watercolor art tempts me is gorgeous! I see that mini palate and want to rush right out and buy one, and I really suck at watercolors! You are so inspiring!


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