December 13, 2012

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Hi friends!  Yes, this is a current picture.  No holiday decor - yet (and I'm pretty sure that I make this confession each year) I'm a last minute, minimalist kind of gal. I know it. My family knows it. I'm at peace with it. 

To please the natives, we will have a tree by Sunday evening - just on the other side of that ottoman at which time I may feel the spirit and proceed to hang twinkly lights, a wreath on the door and maybe some holly on the hearth. And stockings. Oh and the family ornaments - love those. 

But Christmas music must be playing to make these things come to fruition. (and maybe a nice glass of merlot) Pretty sure I'm a holiday Scrooge hold out until I hear music and then I cry - but only if I try to sing along. 

Clearly I adore Christmas - just not the stuff and the early-ness of it all...which leads me to a question for you.

But first...
I'll be leaving tomorrow morning for Charlotte to help my sister ready mom's house as we (finally) sold it.  I'll also be attending a wedding on Saturday so, "Yay for both!"

Here's my question for you...

What kind of holiday decorator are you?  Minimalist (and late) like me, or are you an all in kind of girl? And does Christmas music make you cry, too?


  1. boy was that bad timing. I just used your aqua ipad pouch in a Polyvore gift guide for a weekend post at Earrings Everyday blog. Oops. :)

    I like the decorating part and do it as early as the first of December. I try to go all out but I don't have that much so I put out all that I have and something after Christmas I think about all the new stuff I could buy at 50% and then never do. It's a vicious cycle.

  2. why do I never proof what I write in a comment. gah. that should read ...and sometimes after Christmas...

  3. Oh thank you, you sweet, fine lady! Maybe it'll be snatched up by this afternoon.

  4. I think of myself as a minimalist at this stage of my life. I only put a big tree up if my son and his family are coming. For me, the little tree is just fine. I used to set up the whole Christmas village thing and I loved all the hoopla. Now the nativities go out (I collect them), a wreath on the door, candles at the windows and some sort of a centerpiece on the dining room table. I DO love to see other people's Christmas decor...except on the front lawn. I cry like a baby when I hear certain Christmas carols. On Christmas Eve at church I spend most of my time blowing my nose.

  5. I used to be an 'all in' kind of decorator when it came to Christmas, but that was when we hosted my husbands very very very large family for dinner each year. But that has changed and now my huband has become a scrooge about decorating too early and too much. I would love to decorate the day after Thanksgiving but I try to find middle ground for the sake of my husbands sanity. In doing so, I find I'm giving in and a bit disappointed, but on the other hand, the cleanup is not so bad.

  6. Charlotte, as in NC? Gosh that's just down the road from me.

    We're minimalists here in the Weih-Summers household. Always have been. We too love Christmas but more for being together as a family and the traditions. No tree up this year as we'll be away with our DIL and grand children. The traditions will happen there, with cookie decorating, plates for Santa, the reading of The Night Before Christmas, and just being together. I think the best part of our Christmas has always been the 'orphans' we invite into our home. That will happen again this year and on an Army base with most soldier deployed right now, there will be plenty of orphans at our Christmas.

    Safe travels to Charlotte. It must feel rather bittersweet to have it all settled now. I know that's how I felt this summer when we finished out my Mom's estate and let the family home go onto its new owners.

    Yes, cry, laugh, sing to Christmas carols. Silent Night in particular gets me the most.

  7. I've come to realize that I AM a minimalist but I wanna be the all out decorator ,, Im just NOT. And Christmas music always makes me cry.,, except for "I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas".. that song is just too cute.
    Have you ever heard it?? There is actually a story that goes along with it. Here's the link if you haven't.

    Have a safe trip to Charlotte and a GREAT time at the wedding.

  8. Not a minimalist. I made this huge new mantelscape that I keep threatening pictures of. Soon. Very soon. I like white lights twinkling everywhere. And all those holiday decorations that are so special. And holiday music makes me nostalgic. Found a CD we bought of the kids at our schools singing. Wasn't my kids, but I swear I could hear them singing and jingling bells on "Up on the Housetop". Enjoy the day! Erin

  9. Suzan, Alice - can SO relate.
    LeAnn - yes, as in NC! Home sweet home. It will, I'm afraid be quite bittersweet but a relief to my poor sister who has had to maintain things for 1.5 yrs.
    Debbie - will check out that video and
    Erin - I would have been shocked had you not been an enthusiastic holiday decorator - someone I admire and envy greatly. :)

  10. When it comes to Christmas decorating, I've got tons of ornaments and a few other decorations. However, this year I realized that the majority of the Christmas decorations I own are just . . .not 'us'. They're random decorative sets that family friends have gifted us with or a bunch of juvenile pieces I've had since childhood. We haven't had a tree in eons either. It's just the two of us and the cats so it's been minimal effort for a while. I put my awesome jingle bell wreath on the door about a week ago and have a few items in the foyer and the kitchen, but that's it really. So, this year it's minimal. One day I may go all out. Maybe.

    As far as Christmas music. I love the stuff. There's only a song or two that make me cry and they're usually more modern songs like that dang "Christmas Shoes" song that I try not to listen to. I adore the classics though and sing along as much as I can!

    Happy Holidays Lori!

  11. Lori I do have Christmas decorations done, just for the spirit of it all and yes Christmas music, seeing the children at Carols by Candlelight on tv always make me teary... Gosh I can even be walking through the shopping centre and then that music starts up and I have to divert my attention to avoid tears, EGGS, yes that's what I where's the EGGS

  12. Christmas music makes me cry after hearing it for 2 months! I am definitely a minimalist kind of girl. I don't think I'm a Scrooge but I can't stand several months of 'gimme, gimme, gimme' and 'buy, buy, buy'. I don't think your late, I think you're just about on time. I like to decorate a week to 10 days from Christmas. It seems more special to me that way.

  13. Minimalist and late, no doubt. I am waiting for next saturday morning to start my Christmas decoration. I only use a few things that are meaningful to me and every passing year I use and buy less and less. I also rearrange objects that I have around the house the whole year or add something extra to the home decoration (that will stay once christmas is over) to create a cheerful atmosphere. Candlesticks are a favourite.


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