December 30, 2012

freebie: january desktop calendar and bonus printable!

desktop screenshot
This is my desktop...all ready for 2013.
Notice the little birdie in the upper left corner?

This is the little guy who made the cut.
Now for you, I have two things, the desktop calendar and a bonus printable calendar!

Click here to download the January 2013 Desktop Calendar

and for the printable...

calendar Collage-1
Click here to download the printable January 2013 Calendar

- For personal use only.  Copyright Lori K. Plyler 2012 -


  1. a lovely calendar and I just LOVE the bird sketch Lori; well done!

  2. This is the first year that I don't have 'too' many calendars..daughter made one of grands for gifts, but that's it. I stopped to see the ones reduced at the store yesterday but passed them right up, hoping that you would be offering one that I had been 'hinting' about for most of this past year. I am thrilled to see your January and will be picking up the products you mentioned so I can do it right.

    Much love and Happy New Year! xo

  3. Thank you Lori, what a very sweet picture.

  4. Beautiful work Lori - and so generous Thank you. I am loving the little guy who made the cut!

  5. Thank you! My computer is looking lovely right now :)

  6. It is absolutely gorgeous, Lori! :)

    Happy New Year! I am catching up with a few blogs while enjoying an icy cold morning coffee on New Years Day here in sunny Sydney, Australia. All the very best of wishes to you, your family, and for your creative pursuits in 2013. ~Laura

  7. How beautiful - a bird and berries...perfect. Thank you for a lovely gift! Blessings on your New Year!

  8. Your drawings are always so exquisite and beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful good new year Lori with a lot more of your artful creativity, with health and happiness! :-)

  9. very sweet! love that little birdie. Happy New Year, Lori!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous- and I needed a calendar for my kitchen! Your creativity is boundless. Happy New Year!


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