January 10, 2013

a twist on the "to do" list and the progress report (so far)

I've been sewing! And I remained focused thanks to...

this week's visual "to do" list - a mash-up of the traditional list and art journaling. Heck, actually planning my week was a huge step in the right direction! Painting just made it more fun. I feel so organized. 

I worked on new tall artist's pouches which, in styling and attitude, will mirror this pouch that I made for myself in November.

These pouches (shown in the first image) will include mismatched suedes and leathers for the bottom and recycled red leather and a large wooden bead for the pull. It has so much personality because it's made from interesting bits and, call me crazy, but I just love a whimsical bag. (and I hear that we should always make what we love)

I'm also working on suede and leather artist's pouches similar this zippered bag which was featured in a recent giveaway.

I've made lots of progress and all of these artist's pouches (in addition to a few more items) should be finished and added to the shop early next week. 

I think the journal/planning helped. After all, once it's in ink, it's expected!

Do you make a weekly "to do" list?  What helps you keep on track?


  1. Enjoyed your colourful post and seeing your creativity..and inspiration. Keeping on track and focussed too...well done Lori

  2. The patchwork bag is great - good colors, beautiful stitching, nice proportions - love it. My son introduced me to a list-making app for my phone so I have a constant reminder of the the things to do that will keep me on track for accomplishing what I want to do.

  3. I am LOVING the patchwork!! I cannot make lists. I lose them! Unfortunately, I rely on my brain for memory! However, I recently added a chalkboard to my studio and I have been recording important dates...we'll see how long I use this! Safe travels for you ahead!

  4. Vicki I'll have to look for that app. I just use the notepad on my phone but then I forget to look at it. :/

  5. I love that bag! And your sketches, wow. Mine, if I do them are "stick figures" compared to yours! So much of my work these days is custom, so I don't often have time for planning out in advance....But I do keep a weekly calendar and an ongoing to do list. I have a new app called "wunderlist" - that is great for list-making. But I also still write things down on my weekly calendar. I've been writing about my organization tools this week on my blog. I even go so far as creating a Gantt chart to help me plan my custom projects! On another front....I have a lovely, long, suede coat in the house from a customer to be turned into some bags!


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