January 3, 2013

my sketchbook: journaling

Time to get creative.

diy gifting - art journal from studio waterstone
Remember this?  You didn't think I actually gave it away... did you???

In all honesty, this whole journaling thing is new for me. Never been a journal girl. However, when I saw the artistic, visual work out there (a.k.a. Pinterest), I was totally sucked in. 

So, I jumped.


Bold color and, of course, I saw flowers.


Do you keep a journal?  Visual or otherwise?

P.S. Be sure and join us this Sunday for I Heart Macro!


  1. I don't keep a journal but I do so love yours. The intensity of the watercolours wow me and the wonderful curliques and blossoms and script is so yummy. Then the contrasting striped cover; gosh what fun you must've had making this. Well done Lori

  2. This is beautiful!
    I do keep a journal and all the inspiration you also mentioned, got me to make my journal more colorful as well!
    Happy New Year! xxx

  3. I have always wanted to keep a journal. It never works for me after the first week. I start them and then never do anything with them. I have done gratitude journals and collage journals and poetry journals. I guess my blog is my journal. I really love yours and wish that I could find the time to play with images and paints and words and do more of that just to have a creative outlet that is only for being freely inspired. *Sigh*. I love what you do! Thank you for sharing this wonderment. Enjoy the day. Erin

  4. I have journaled for years but only words that I really don't want the world to see. I have thought about an art journal and yours is an inspriation! Very pretty!

  5. I really want to, but a blank page can seem quite scary to me. I think I try too hard and things never come out the way I'd hope, perhaps I need to free my mind a bit.
    P.S. My I heart Macro post is scheduled already :-)

  6. Talk about a "to do" list! If I had one so beautiful, I might get more done! Beautiful, Lori!

  7. I haven't kept a journal since I was much younger but I'm feeling the need for some self reflection and soul searching. I'm looking forward to making one of your design. I do, however, keep sketchbooks every where; in my purse, in the car, at bedside and on my worktable. Thanks for the inspiration you've given me, Lori. Happy New Year!


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