January 21, 2013

my weekend in pics (mostly)

Remember this scarf I was itching to make? Well, I made it this weekend from six fat quarter cotton pieces. Decided on muted tones. I'm loving it and thought of doing a little hand stitchery here and there but then decided it would be too much. I still may add a simple blanket stitch around the edges. What do you think?

I'm the (self professed) queen of Kindle samples. I've probably read hundreds. Am I the only one with this rather odd little habit? Please fess up if you do it, too.

The sun finally showed it's lovely face!

Obsessing over pink navel oranges.

Sophie killed a goose

because the Falcons lost.

How was your weekend?

P.S. I'll have another "Simple Solution" tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


  1. I revived a leather heirloom piece from 1956. If you like, have a look: http://www.kokopellidesign.blogspot.de/2013/01/zweites-leben-fur-ein-erbstuck-teil_20.html

  2. The scarf is so pretty! I have seen these but wondered if the cotton would just be too stiff around my neck. I really think I need a knit of some kind. I think it is lovely as is!

  3. I love the scarf! I don't like the Falcons much now. (they should have won).

  4. Love the scarf Lori, great colours!!

  5. Now I'm craving an orange!!! And our Kelly wants to play with your Sophie!!!

  6. I have been looking for the perfect scarf for my new teal coat. I would like something that will keep me warm and have a pleasing mix of colors. This would be perfect! If only I could sew more than a button! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day. Erin

  7. Your scarf looks lovely - especially with the touch of aqua to brighten it nicely. Please tell me, is it warm, being made of cotton fabric?

  8. This little snippit of snapshots into your weekend is lovely. The scarf is wonderful and I'm so envious of your sewing skills.
    As far as the Kindle samples, I can't do it. If I read a section of a book and I like it, I MUST read the rest. I can't deal with only a portion of a story. It's like having a friend tell you they have a secret about another friend but you can't know what it is. Yup, it excruciatingly flexes my curiosity. But, I bet it's not just you that reads them. I bet.

  9. those oranges! beautiful! i just got a Kindle for Christmas. I have lots of little samples so far. addicting for sure! xoxo Have a great day, Lori


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