January 9, 2013

snooping and snapping




I'm running around like a crazy lady already as I prepare to head up to Cincinnati next week.  And it's just Wednesday. Is this organized prepping a woman thing or a mother thing? And I'm right brained!

In other news...
Atlanta was gorgeous today - mid 60's gorgeous. Truly a January treat. Sophie and I took advantage of the day and spent some much needed time outdoors. Soph snooped and I snapped. Pictures.

How about you? Do you practically snap when readying for an upcoming trip? Or you a "go with the flow" kind of girl?


  1. those eyes! melt my heart. wonderful, crisp, beautiful images. When I travel I make lists beforehand... and then freak out as I'm packing and headed out the door. "did i forget anything??" :-) Enjoy your trip!

  2. May I know the camere which you use?
    It's lovely focus on object =)

  3. Oh, I definitely snap ... and at others too! It can get ugly! I make every attempt to calm myself!

  4. Lilli, I use a Canon T2i and for these pictures, I used the kit telephoto lens, I think it's 55-250. It comes in handy for getting images outside and not getting too close to the subject.

  5. I snap! Try to plan it all! :) Travel safely.

  6. Oh, please send some of that weather here!
    It has been so cold and gray for many days now.

    These are beautiful photographs, Lori! I especially love the first one. Such a precious face!


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