February 18, 2013

february, sunshine and ruts (and downton abbey)

Is it the February thing? The lack of sun and warmth that makes us feel a little trapped? I open the shades to allow the sun to pour in and stand in it's beam, flooded with warmth. Not wanting to move. (but then the cat shoos me away and takes her post to bake and sleep)

Random bits:

Following my heart at the moment, struggling with that feeling of being stuck in a rut and asking, "what's next?".  (wouldn't it be nice if we had a blueprint? no?)

When I get that feeling of rut-ness, I tend to design and play with graphics, html, etc. It's a sort of therapy. So now I'm over-thinking the blog, redesigning in my head, knowing that I desperately need to work on my website and not wanting to. (a very dangerous thing indeed)

This week I'll work on new bags - something which is coasting slowly along feeling somewhat neglected. (okay, more than somewhat)

And lastly, OMG the finale of Downton Abbey! The shocking ending. Mrs. Hughes and Branson - love them both. Stuffy Mr. Carson holding baby Sybil. Mr. Mosley! Anna and Mr. Bates. Sad, irritating Shrimpy's wife...

Not so sure if I can take another season of this heartache and shock and love for the Crawleys. But alas, I will sit and wait (very impatiently) another ten months or so to see what happens to (blank) and the (blank).


How's your February so far?


  1. Love the new look of the blog! Very classy! Yeah, I remember when February tested the limits of my ability to live in cold and lack of sunlight! It's pretty horrible! We've been hit by cold temps in St. Pete, but the sunlight is pretty wonderful. Don't worry, you'll soon start getting random days of respite from the gloom!

  2. I think it is the month of February. It is just kind of icky. Is winter staying, is spring coming?

    And Downton Abbey - at a loss there! So, so sad.

  3. Well, I live in Florida, so I am not usually at a loss of sunlight..but it is very chilly today, I will be staying in! But on my front porch the sun is really shining in, may bundle up and sit out there a while....As for Downtown Abby....just recently saw it advertised, so I am not into it, BUT...I know how you feel when it is coming to a seasonal end......and you have to wait FOREVER it seems to be back on.

    BTW: I would say..move the cat and perch there yourself!!!!!

  4. February definitely felt much longer than January, and I am sure it has to do with the fact that it's just been so cold. :-(

    I smile as I am reading this post. I have not played with textures in a while, and I just felt like something different today, so out they came. Been playing all afternoon, and it's been wonderful "therapy" for a bitter cold day.

    Have a great evening!

  5. two good things about February- my youngest son's birthday and mine! we're having a strange winter...springlike weather one week and frigid and horrible winds the next.
    lovely sunshine radiating on your divine fireplace!
    I knew that life was too good for Mary and her loving husband...and sadly I was right. yikes, have to wait months and months!

  6. Your Feb was my Jan. We had some snow up here so I have been able to get out hiking and also went downhill skiing for the first time in years. Getting outdoors really helps me. But I'm bracing for a long, grey, rainy stretch that we get.....

    Nevertheless, I feel overwhelmed at times - trying to manage my work load and the family, which is still very demanding. I think your blog/website looks fantastic and you need to stop overthinking it! I desperately need to work on mine but don't have the time.

    Downton - wow - an emotional tug of war! My household was very angry....

  7. Your February sounds a lot like mine...although my past time is at the computer, fussing with photos. Here I sit...at 1:10pm...still in my pj's... I'm retired so I don't feel toooo guilty!!! It's snowing outside, and has been all morning. No sun streaming in the windows and I've got the heat on a bit too high for my husband's liking...
    BTW...I'm sooooo bummed!!! I'm not sure I want to see next season of Downton Abbey...I'm not sure I can take any more heartache!!!

  8. Gorgeous- Sorry about your cold and the following post about "rutness". Sorry I am always a bit late with my contribution; I coordinate it with another challenge- because one post a week is all I have been able to get to lately. What a rut! (But this week I have pulled of two days in a row, it must have been the sunshine. Wishing you a wonderful day.


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