February 21, 2013

in the shop (and other things)...


The recycled navy leather bag from yesterday. I love that it's classic and so lightweight. And I love the long, natural leather handles which will form a great patina over time. This bag is now in the shop.

Last night I entered blog logo design fury crazy zone, playing with Photoshop until my eyes began to cross. These are very similar to my actual tags so I thought it would be a great tie-in. Results...
PicMonkey Collage
And then I decided to stay with what I had. (sigh)
Which do you like the best?


  1. Love #4! Off to the shop.

    (wish you were closer - you could teach me Photoshop. I only manage to bang my head in frustration every time I open it)


  2. Love the last one! Clean and simple!

  3. The last one! It's clean and simple, with the others my attention seems to be drawn to the floral border and not the name.

  4. Top right and bottom left. Love the floral fabric and the stitching. You are so cool! And that bag is fab. Enjoy the day. Erin

  5. The top right one...it really pops!!

  6. I love what you have but also the bottom right is nice and clean and simple.

    I want the navy bag!!

  7. The two on the right are my favourite

  8. The bag is fabulous! The turquoise/gray design is my favorite. I like the fact that it isn't too busy.

  9. The plain design is my favorite - it draws the most attention to your name. Great, great bag!!


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