March 4, 2013

eat dessert

eat dessert
Do you plan your days? As in...make the boring daily "to do" list? I do and it usually reads something like:

                  • grocery
                  • bills
                  • doctor appt.

You get the picture.  Over to the side of my boring calendar, I always, always include a different sort of list with goals such as "eat dessert" and "take pictures". It's my personal, I want to..., I need to..., I must do in order to take one tiny step in the right direct list. I've found that if I actually write it down, it may just happen (and usually does!)

By the way, the items above are truly what's on my list for this week along with "draw every day" (the above sketch is my current project) and "do at least one Lightroom tutorial".

Do you plan your days? Do you remember to include your "I want to..." list? Do you accomplish at least a portion of this list?


  1. I like to write lists, currently they are centred around my course work, I find it useful to write down a daily list of things to complete with regards to an assignment, especially when I only have a couple of weeks left until all the work has to be handed in, it gives me peace of mind so I know I haven't forgotten any thing

  2. I could never function without 'lists'. Sometimes a list at the computer, a list on the fridge, a list in my diary, a list in my handbag! Loving your bird sketch; it could easily be one of our Noisy Miners. Looking forward to seeing it painted up

  3. I usually do more of what I want to do, than what I have to do!

  4. I'm going to add "eat dessert" to my list!

  5. Annette - dessert - very important - very.

  6. Yes, the lists are much needed to keep us on track, at work and home. As yes dessert too. have a great week.

  7. I have a terrible memory...or maybe I'm just easily distracted...Look! A squirrel!

    Where were we? Oh yes, I plan each day but I don't include fun stuff - doing that from now on!

  8. Beautiful drawing there, well I had to do a lot of planning in my job for 28 years, now I just go with the flow LOL..


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