March 8, 2013

focus on life: wrapped up in...

At the risk of appearing self-centered, I'll have to admit that this week I was completely and blissfully wrapped up in...myself. But wait! Let me explain!

You see, it was spring break week and the offspring drove off in opposite directions. Mr. P headed out to work far, far away and I was alone - utterly alone. Was I okay? 


Friend. Not only was I wrapped up in it - I wallowed in it.
I had dessert every day (sometimes more than once)
No one asked, "What's for dinner?" (can you imagine???)


I painted. And watched chick flicks while snacking on chocolate covered popcorn.
(my after-dessert snack)


I played with watercolor combinations for fun. (while enjoying orange cranberry scones & tea)


Knowing that there were things I should do, I didn't (except exercise...because of all the dessert)
I faithfully stuck to the "me" plan without an ounce of guilt. (I suspect the exercise helped with that)


I slept late. Stayed up late. Read a LOT.


I wallowed and wrapped myself up in the fun-ness of it.

But then...I missed them.
 I'm ready for everyone to come schlepping home, dragging their dirty laundry.
Asking, "What's for dinner?" 

I'll love them. (because I do)
Welcome them home and wash their dirty laundry (as I most certainly will)
 And I'll smile, remembering the week that I was completely and (in the immortal words of Elisabeth Bennet) incandescently wrapped up in...
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  1. Good for you Lori! Your time alone sounds wonderful (it must have been wonderful to not here,"What's for supper? :)) but i do know what you mean about the home being a little too quite and your heart starts to ache just a little bit!

  2. Oh, beautiful, you had a wonderful 'me' week! Good for you! I totally, 100%, completely get both being happy to not hearing "What's for supper?" and wishing you'd hear "What's for supper?" - aren't we paradoxical creatures?
    Funny - my DH calls our son 'offspring' too :)

  3. Lovely take on being all wrapped up. Love the shot of the tea and scone!

  4. Sounds like you had a totally awesome week. I know just how you feel about having the alone time and wanting the noise of everyday life back after a few days of being all wrapped up in yourself.

  5. That sounds simply divine. Sometimes we need some time just like that! I'm glad you enjoyed it but I also understand the longing for everyone to return home.

  6. Sound like a Perfect week for you Dear, your playing is beautiful, the water color delicious, the flower soooo pretty,the menu sound scrumptious, the late morning you needed, now Honey "back to reality" as the song goes, which I know you love too...Have a wonderful catch up with the gang...

  7. Good for you. We all need weeks like that now and again. I love the watercolor

  8. You sure made wonderful use of the time. I love time away from loved ones, in the short term, to love them that much more

  9. Lucky you, I am sooo jealous!

  10. Sounds heavenly...all of it! Takes me back to those pre-empty nest days...wonderful memories for sure!

  11. I'm still dreaming of dessert sometimes twice everyday!!

  12. Oh I am soooooo envious!!!! Good for you girl:)

  13. Yes!!! Exactly what a girl needs :) And a pat on your head for exercising...that's the first thing to drop off my list ;)

    Your photos are gorgeous, love your paintings, and you need to share the dessert!!!

    That's exactly how I felt away on my solo getaway over President's Day week. Blissful that there are no dirty dishes magically reproducing in the sink, no grocery list, no cooking, no work (although, work is always fun, not been stressful so far). But I missed home too.

  14. sweet - enjoy the moment as you were. Life will return joyously to 'normal' again...

  15. How great that you could enjoy yourself on your own time. And how wonderful that everything will return to normal too. Both are such important parts of life.

  16. Sounds like an absolutely divine week! So glad you enjoyed it.

  17. Perfect week. I think we all need to indulge ourselves now and again. It's good for the soul and refuels the love we send out into the world.

  18. Good for you! You had a wonderful week of you-time and did not have an ounce of guilt. I think we all deserve this every once in a while.

  19. Wow.. what a wonderful week!! So glad you got some me time! It seems every time I try to plan something like that there are constant interruptions. I think maybe unplugging the phone might help.

  20. Oh Lori, you weeks sounds like heaven!! I enjoy it when my boys go camping for the weekend but I do miss them so, even if it's just over night!! Love your photos, they are truly beautiful. And you water colors,, how lovely.

  21. Love this post! I'm learning to let go and be wrapped up in me more, it's okay, me is important too!

  22. Ohhhh, I love your post! I have had times like that and they are wonderful....but after a few do start to miss them and chaos they bring. BUT...with the "me" time you are much better equipped to handle the chaos!

  23. Incandescently is one of my favorite words...and it looks like it was a delightful time! I long for alone time and when I get it, I also use it to wrap up in myself...but l love to have my own Mr. F back too...

  24. ahhh! time alone is precious and restorative, but i find most of the goodness is knowing sometime the house will be full again... enjoy the solitude, then enjoy the homecomings :)

  25. We need that kind of time every now and again to keep us sane. Good for you.

  26. Each of us should be 'all wrapped up' in ourselves from time to time. Taking care of our own needs makes us more able to attend to the needs of others when we need to.

  27. Glad you had such a wonderful "me" week; good and necessary for re-fueling. xo, lynn

  28. Lori I love how you wrapped yourself up in bliss and of course dessert! What a wonderful week you had!

  29. Sounds exactly like my kind of week. Alone time is so necessary for aligning our mind, body and spirit and wrapping ourselves in self-love!

  30. Sounds like you had a wonderful week. Your journal pic is awesome.

  31. Oh I totally get it :)

    And the not asking "what is for dinner" I had to giggle because that is my love/hate thing.

    I so enjoy my weeks when the guys go off on a "guy trip" and I get to indulge in "Me time"

    Love the shots, so peaceful :)

    Glad you got to have your "ME" time :0

    Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  32. Sounds like an awesome week! We really should be having days like that for ourselves more often.

  33. Your time alone sounds so heavenly! It is really just myself and the hubby but when I run away (actually just down to my studio) I tend feel a bit guilty.

  34. Sounds like a wonderful week to me! Our youngest just moved out at Thanksgiving so I am just starting to get a taste of the empty nest and while i still hear "what are we going to do for dinner?" it does feel much more relaxed. Being able to read and play and eat dessert uninterrupted sounds divine! Beautiful photos as always.


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