March 17, 2013

from the studio with a little of this and some of that




Back in the studio with all of my favorite things. I can't wait to make spring bags and, to be honest, it's been quite some time since I've felt that way. Still trying to figure things out but I suppose following my heart is the best way to go. Yes?

Google Reader is disappearing soon. So be sure to follow Studio Waterstone through an alternative reader. My personal favorite is Bloglovin.

I'm curious. How do you prefer to catch up on your favorites? Google Reader? Bloglovin? Something else? Do tell.

And finally, last week I made some visual thumbnail updates to both the Tutorial and Sketchbook pages. It was a bear to figure out the html, but I'm pretty pleased with the end results...


sketchbook page

I do hope that you have a beautiful Monday.


  1. I have 331 RSS Feeds in Reader- your's is one. (I also have another e-mail account with a mere handful of prolific political writers.) I have been scrambling all week for a replacement. I have looked at Feedly- pretty, but not very good when you have that many feeds; Newsblur- not a free option even to try so they struck out; Pulse, which is fast but for some reason I rejected it before barely getting started; tiny tiny RSS which seemed promising except for the fact that you need a server.

    I am number 44,500 and something in line to have my list imported to The Old Reader, which may be the best alternative given the number of feeds I have.

    I am currently leaning toward Netvibes- which is well organized, has a pretty interface or if you want to power through a nice clean list. It does not update as fast as Google Reader, but I only go through my list twice a day, so that should not be an issue long term.

    I am going to check out your alternative.

  2. Hmmm... I have been seeing all this about the reader. I don't know much about it. I log into my Blogger account and they are there. Does that mean they won't be? Thank you KJ for sharing some options. I guess I will have to look into this more! What have I been up to? I have been carving my own texture plates for my pendants inspired by several custom requests. I think I may have had a breakthrough and I am very excited by the possibilities! Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Lori your the BOMB Girly!!! I love the fat quarters, and all that work on you tutorials, and I will be watching them all so the work was so worth it :):):)..
    YES,YES follow your heart, with a song playing in it, that how I like to create. HHMM how I visit, I'v signed up for both but really, blushing here,,, I don't use either, I just use my Outlook. Is there a differences??. I was just going to my table to create when I noticed your post im my Outlook, see,and I'm so glad I came to visit.. Thanks for always inspiring me and I'm sure others, have a hearty day:):)

  4. oooohh...I like how the stamp looks...

  5. oooh, i love all those pretty textures. And I'm eager to check out your tutorials! Hope you have a great day, Lori!

    PS I'm a google reader girl too! I think i'm switching over to Feedly.


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