March 1, 2013


I adore spending time alone in my own thoughts and projects - part of the personality of an introvert, I suppose. But refueling for me means time spent away from projects. With family. Doing other things. Catching my breath. Then again...

It could be submerging myself in the planning of a new project. Good golly, I'm an enigma.

As the weekend approaches, I do you refuel?

Enjoy your weekend, please.


  1. I refuel by going for a walk and find a tree or some secluded [ace and take photos.

  2. My friend asked me that question the other night (hard day at work) and I told her what helps me to unwind is working on jewelry, enameling or lampworking. That is my stress reliever!

  3. I love my alone time, too!! I do find though that getting out and doing something w/my family or friends for a bit helps to refuel my creativity and pull me out of my 'hermit' tendancies. :-)

  4. I would say down time, but I don't seem to have much of that. :) Family, good food and conversation! All of which I will have this weekend.

    I hope you have a wonderful one Lori.

  5. Doing something creative is my balm. When I don't have enough I get very cranky and depressed. That explains why I have been very cranky and depressed of late. Enjoy the day and your solitude...or new project! Erin

  6. There are some ways for me - but the most successful is to be out under the sky - mountain, sea, desert, forest - just a day, or even better some, out in nature. A little walk can do wonders too! :-)


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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