March 11, 2013

my sketchbook: spring bouquet


 photo IMG_1296c_zpse4d18372.jpg

 photo IMG_1301c_zps893c4d7b.jpg

 photo IMG_1302c_zps1b5b8922.jpg

 photo IMG_1300c_zpsf421214d.jpg

 photo IMG_1298c_zpsb96a4b5a.jpg
This is the finished Spring Bouquet painting. In the earlier post, I had a tough time deciding between ink and no ink so I finally scanned the no ink version to hold onto just in case. :) Now I really love this version.

I've been thinking about creating more prints for sale. Now, should I create a separate Etsy shop to offer art prints or add it to my current shop? (by the way, I finished a bag today - so the bags are coming folks!)

Like I said...conundrums.


  1. so pretty and colorful! I can't wait for spring!! :)

  2. Happy stuff! New shop? Tough question but I'd most likely I'd look for you in your current shop. I think it's perfectly fine to add on to your current line in a new and different way.

  3. Nice flowers, looks really fresh and spring-y! I would go for a separate shop.

  4. This is very lovely - it looks so dear!
    I went back to the first version and I must say, the ink gave it more character! Your paintings are worth offering for sale, beautiful as they are, but I also would suggest a different shop.
    May your day be wonderful Lori! :-)

  5. well I certainly love the inked version - really sets off those colours and 'defines' the shapes you'd painted

  6. Your bouquet is beautiful! I have been debating a couple different ideas for new products on Etsy the past year and am always torn about the new vs. existing shop issue (and still haven't made a decision for myself...). I think it depends on the products at hand and the shop name as well as how many new products you plan on adding.

  7. While I still really like the original vrsion, the inked one has won me over!

  8. I too loved the original now I love this one, it really makes everything pop,they both just made me feel good, thanks for sharing...


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