March 14, 2013

old things (and a weekend announcement)


• grandmother's bench •

• and her tea pots •

• a photo found in a tag shop for $1 - it's a little girl having a little tea party •
(she deserved center stage. so I framed it)

• mother's vanity from her childhood •

• aged silver trays •

• a pair of old chairs. needlepoint pillows •

I have a special love of old things which, to someone else, may appear as junk. But not to me. They're priceless and special. Do you have the same affinity?

I'll be heading north this weekend to work at clearing out my parents house and (maybe?) arranging for an estate sale. Spending time with my siblings. Flooded with memories. 

So. I won't be around here for Focus on Life or I Heart Macro. I thought about posting but decided to take the weekend off to enjoy some old things - and I'm not referring to said siblings (ba-dum-bum)

Have a spectacular weekend and I'll see you next week.


  1. Thank so much for sharing all these lovely and precious old treasures with us, they gave a warm feeling seeing them. Have a great day..

  2. Have a good weekend Lori! Be well and enjoy the time with your siblings and all of the memories, be they good or tough.


  3. .......... enjoy ~ .....................

  4. I love old things too!!!! Have a great time with the sibbies.....and see ya next week!


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