March 11, 2013

rainy days and mondays

Rainy Monday here, but unlike the song, I'm not letting it get me down at all. It just seems to make me contemplative - sometimes.

This weekend I took a little time to rework my sketchbook page - not finished yet. In fact, it still looks the same but behind the scenes it's rockin' baby! (cough)

I really need to focus this week but lately, it seems that my heart is pulling me in a different direction. Note to self, listen to your brain this week. (or at least part of the week) Oh, life and those pesky conundrums!

Ever have that happen to you?

On a similar but other and even more contemplative note, I love reading Marc and Angel Hack Life. According to a post titled 20 Things Life is Too Short to Tolerate, you should stop tolerating...

• your fear of change (hm....)
• your own negativity (double hm...)
• inaction (gulp...)

To read more, visit Marc & Angel.

How about you? Does life pull you in one direction while your heart pulls you in another?


  1. I am hmmmm-ing right there with you. Sometimes the rain is exactly what is needed, you know? Happy Monday.

  2. Past events in my life have made me incredibly free-spirited, so I tend to do the things I want to do, although sometimes compromise is needed, I like to think I'm good at following my heart.

  3. This is a big issue for me right now. I am way overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all the online stuff. It took me all day today to get through the 300 e-mails that piled up this weekend. Same with blogging, Facebook groups, and so much more. I feel like I have no time for myself and the important things I want to do...but I know it is my own fault. I;m just not sure how to change things!

    Good food for thought - thanks!


  4. ... such a pretty photograph. so still and calm. xoxo. i feel like life is always pulling me in many directions! that's when I take a nap. :) hah! thank you for the beautiful reminder to focus on what matters.

  5. Lori I feel like that pretty much everyday! I get pulled in the direction of the restaurant, work and responsibilities when my heart is pulling me to my studio and more creative endeavors!It is a constant struggle!


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