June 17, 2013

home organization a.k.a. fitting two homes into one

home organizing

Hi all! We're on the home stretch. J has already brought a number of small things from his rental in Cincinnati and we're officially packing up the furniture and moving it into our Atlanta home this week - it's beginning to seem real.

Weighing heavily on my mind is the fact that we're going to, essentially, move two houses into one. (see here, and here) I've been stalking Pinterest, feeling like a new home owner as the plans unfold.  Here are a just few of my faves. Hope you like them as well...

home plans

a place to store things (source) I'm a huge fan of comfy throws. Enough said?

front door drapes (source) Unrelated but equally important. Our front door is similar to this one and we have no privacy. Love the curtain idea! What do you think?

create a new home office (source) J's will be based at home full time. Will we coexist peacefully? Me thinks yes. :-)

lengthen those guest room drapes (source) Also unrelated. My drapes are too short and this is my plan. It'll also a great pop of color to otherwise drab white curtains. Of course, if you're not a seamstress you can always purchase these lovlies.

Ever been in my shoes?
Thankful for that storage room in the basement?
What's your favorite creative home idea of late?

Folks, have a beautiful Monday. Go outside. Walk the dog (or cat). Do something creative.


  1. See you got me on that darn pinterest, I'm following now love the birds,the windows. You will do fine,a new wonderful adventure,sorting through the old, exploring the new, you'll do fine I know will, have a great day,I go to waterfit everyday and have fun. big hugs to you..

  2. Looks like I've missed something! Hubby is moving back to Atlanta? That's great news! I can't imagine how hard it's been going back and forth.

    I love your ideas. My home office has turned into a junk room for the whole family. I really need to tackle that room. The thing is I don't really NEED a home office now that I use a laptop all the time instead of a desktop computer, so that's why stuff just starting piling up in there.

    Have fun redecorating!


    Book By Book

    Live with CFS

  3. xoxox. you must have so much on your plate with the move! Hope you have fun with the new projects ahead.


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