July 23, 2013

can't live without...

can't do without - artist's pouches
...because they magically hold everything.

cold summer salads
...because they're full of fresh summer veggies...and so easy to make!

iPad mini & stylus
...because it fits perfectly into my hands. (and geek is my middle name)

can't live without - grouping

(1) gelaskins because it makes my iPad pretty...and scratch resistant
(2) a lightweight summer maxi & tee because it's one of the only times I eagerly wear a dress.
(3) chilled chardonnay because...well...it's chilled chardonnay.
(4) these glasses - because I'm blind and they're cute and they fit my smaller than normal head.

Just a few of my "can't live withouts"

Your turn...
What's your biggest "can't live without" these days?


  1. Air conditioning, Turkey Hill Stuffed Praline Pecan ice cream and nasal spray. I need for summer to be over...

    1. Amen to the air conditioning! May have to check out that ice cream and I'm sorry about the allergies.

  2. Oh L. I am with you on the chilled Chardonnay, lol :)

    Other things I couldn't live without would be my camera and my art table :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  3. Yippee magical artist's pouches, beautiful one's I might add, I do admire those who can sew, I do but only when I have too:O), yummy salad cute ipod, lovely pouch, love the outfit, cute glasses for the pretty head and it just perfect the size to fit YOU and I see your gorgeous bag sold,not surprised, glad to hear your shop is open you do great, thanks for sharing sweety and have a grrrrreat weekend going with the flow (((((BIG HUGS)))))), Namaste !!!


I love reading each one of your comments. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful day.

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