July 5, 2013


Texture - Knit

Texture - Mossy
fuzzy and mossy

Texture - Prickly Yet Soothing
potentially prickly yet oddly soothing

Texture - Knit Softness
more comforting knit

Texture - Water
smooth, cool flowing water

Texture - Soft, Even When Wet
pure loving, cuddly softness - even when wet

(Sorry for the plethora of pics. Needless to say, texture inspires and I find it hard to choose one.)

- participating in the Focus on Life project - 


  1. Fantastic shots! I know what you are saying, I posted three pics myself plus have more from this week on instagram! Texture is SO INSPIRING!!
    Lori, thanks for posting your wonderful photos!!!

  2. What a cute dog. Funny - with your first shot I saw prickly material, not soft. But then, I can't touch it....

  3. Great photos, Lori! Texture truly is inspiring!

  4. i LOVE your plethora! :) Macro shots are one of my favorites, and i love that you shared different textures. Plus you pup is too sweet. Have a great day, Lori!

  5. Hee, I have trouble keeping to four, so I hear ya! The more the merrier, I think. What a great variety of textures you've amassed here...lovely!

  6. amazing photos! I esp. like the heather blanket and the aloe vera!
    have a blessed week :)

  7. stunning! Moss, an absolute favourite texture, loved most by my toes from the patio of my childhood home.

  8. Beautiful photos as always, and such great textures, love the moss!

  9. What a fabulous collection of texture shots - I LOVE that pink/red throw in the first picture, what gorgeous fabric - and your little dog is sooo cute and fluffy!

  10. Visiting from The Studio Sublime - lots of lovely teexture there and I would have difficulty picking just one from these too :0)

  11. Lovely shots! Plethora being my middle name, I can't fault you there! Especially like the water shot, a little variety of texture shows there.

  12. I took oodels of pictures, fortuneately most were out of focus so it wasn't hard to choose.. I like fuzzy and mossy and cool and smooth the best!

  13. Beautiful textures! Your photos are just asking to be touched.

  14. Great pics, love the dog shot.

  15. Wonderful collection of textures!

  16. Wonderful shots! I have a new camera and I'm working on this type of shot--short range of focus.
    Nice Job!

  17. What great textures you photographed this week. Beautiful photos.

  18. Wonderful photos Lori.You did a great job of showing texture.

  19. Great shots of texture Lori I like them.

  20. Great selection of colors and textures Lori!

    How are you doing? Still making your "new" home pretty and comfy? I wish that you are fine and happy. I miss your paintings, your lovely pouches and gorgeous bags - looking forward to new stuff! :-)

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  21. Wow Lori these are fabulous photos as always, I'm a tactile person so these are really exciting to me, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week, the pup is too cute..

  22. Your photos are just perfect Lori - love them all, but especially the first one!


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