August 12, 2013

DIY: simple color-blocked pillow sham

DIY color blocked pillow sham
I'm working to brighten and add color to my bedroom without painting. Don't get me wrong - I paint. I paint pictures and I've painted walls...but let's just say that while I'm precise with the pictures...not so much with the walls. In the past it's only brought heartache and misery. And the threat of divorce proceedings. So...

The print shown above is our inspiration piece. (We found it at a consignment shop and fell in love) Next, I found the colorful front pillow to bring out the colors in the print. Picked up the black & white pillows here for a song. But as much as I'm not a "zillion pillows on my bed" kind of girl, it still needed a little more color and I wasn't about to pay a fortune for fancy pillow shams. That's when I found two mustard colored linen napkins here and the inspiration struck.

Supah Easy DIY Color-Blocked Pillow Sham

diy color blocked pillow sham

For Two Shams:
two white pillow cases
two hemmed fabric squares. i used the linen napkins.
2 spools of ribbon - I got grosgrain, about 2" wide
measuring tape
sewing machine
Fray Check
iron on, no sew tapes helps but isn't necessary

*Want the truly supah easy version? It's at the end.

What You'll Do:

Iron your pillow cases and napkins (or fabric squares)
If you have stitch witchery, apply it to your fabric, center in place on the pillow case,
and iron on to secure. Then...

DIY color blocked pillow sham
DO NOT pin through both sides!
Stitch the square to your pillow case.

DIY color blocked pillow sham

Now for the pillow case...

DIY color blocked pillow sham

DIY color blocked pillow sham

Now for your ribbon...

DIY color blocked pillow sham

Add Fray Check to the raw edges.
Fold each strip in half, creating a 16" strip.

DIY color blocked pillow sham

DIY color blocked pillow sham

Note: this is pinned to the INSIDE of the pillowcase opening.

DIY color blocked pillow sham

DIY color blocked pillow sham

DIY color blocked pillow sham

Truly Supah Easy Color Blocked Pillow Sham (no sew version)
Use your iron on fusible interfacing to attach the napkins to your pillow cases.
Don't worry about the tied ends (they're just fancy anyway and you're a simple kind of gal)
You're done. Not bad, hm???

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  1. What a difference adding that pillow sham makes...lovely pop of color! Thanks so much for the tut! Am going to pass this on to my mother (my in-house seamstress)! :)


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