August 21, 2013

scheduling - life, bags and art...

Personal pics from Instagram. Randomly taken...a painting, repotting, my sweet Sophie and visible proof of my obsession with bruschetta.

In the afternoon...
From the studio. It's time to get back to leather for a bit. Can't work without Pandora. And coffee.

from the studio

Recycled Leather Bomber Jacket #1

Recycled Leather Bomber Jacket #2

Recycled Leather Bomber Jacket #3
I'm working of several bags - a few fabric and a few leather. Feels good to work on leather again - it's been awhile.

In the evening - painting (and dinner)

Working on new projects? Do tell - how do you organize your time?


  1. I am looking forward to see your final design for the Bomber jacket purse....I love Sophie and her sweet face. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Nice little report! I do love Pandora and coffee, too! Art in the morning and sewing afternoon.

  3. Love your handbags, especially the pencil pouches! I look forward to seeing the results of the bomber jacket.

    I am still searching for a good way to organize my time, sigh. I better figure it out very soon as I will be having a baby in about seven weeks! ;)

  4. Ha,, organize my time? I struggle to find time to do the basic day to day tasks lately. I have two pillows i want to sew, makeup bags for my mama and another craft and I cant seem to find the time to do anything after work. I do miss seeing your bag creations,, cant wait to see those leather ones you're working on.
    I've never tried bruschetta,,but it looks good.
    Hope you have a happy productive day

  5. Randomly taken .. and with such an eye for detail and beauty........ :o)

    hope a having a most wonderful summer ..

  6. I love the mix of pictures! I can't work without Pandora either. Following you on Instagram now.


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